He went to his condolences instead of the vaccination appointment! ‘I wish I was vaccinated,’ he said

Mehmet Aslan, who was caught in the delta variant, was treated in the Intensive Care Unit of Gaziantep Abdulkadir Yüksel State Hospital. Aslan said that he did not go even though he had a vaccination appointment, and that he caught the corona virus in a condolence he attended. Expressing his regret from the intensive care … Read more

The most risky group in the delta variant! They are not aware of the danger!

England speaks the statements in the science report prepared for the government. First seen in India and now the dominant species in the world Delta variantThe reviewing team presented its report. The report, prepared by science consultants who advise the British government, included information revealing the importance of vaccines. in Hürriyet newsAccording to the report, … Read more

French schools return to face-to-face amid criticism

First modification: 02/09/2021 – 20:12 While French President Emmanuel Macron considers that the return is part of learning to live with the virus; Health experts point out that it may be a hasty measure since the Delta variant could be related to an increase in hospitalization of children and adolescents. More than 12 million students … Read more

LAST MINUTE || How does the delta variant affect pregnant women?

prof. Dr. Tekin shared the following information about the condition of pregnant women in intensive care: “Pregnant women who went to the intensive care unit in the early stages of the epidemic were more likely to return to the service. Unfortunately, the number of pregnant women who were sent to the intensive care unit in … Read more

antibodies, very heavy results – Libero Quotidiano

September 16, 2021 According to a study carried out in an Israeli hospital, the levels of antibodies after the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine are ten times higher than those after the second dose. The results are promising, but preliminary, the hospital pointed out. “We saw in June that two doses were not enough … Read more

Astra and Pfizer vaccines lose effectiveness against Delta, British study finds – El Financiero

Pfizer and AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccines are less effective against the delta variant, a large-scale UK study showed in results that may drive booster shots for fully vaccinated people. The Pfizer and BioNTech messenger RNA vaccine lost effectiveness in the first 90 days after full vaccination, although that injection and the one by AstraZeneca were still … Read more

4th peak and autumn warning from Izmir Medical Chamber President

According to the news in DHA, Izmir Medical Chamber President Dr. Lütfi Çamlı made statements regarding the general situation of the corona virus epidemic in Turkey. Çamlı stated that the Delta variant was effective in the increase in cases and said: “We have concerns that with the transition to closed environments in the fall, the … Read more

here are the two regions one step away from the yellow zone – Libero Quotidiano

From next Monday two other Regions could be forced to reach the Sicily in yellow zone. September has arrived and with it the first bills to pay for summer holidays often characterized by little or no compliance with anti-Covid rules. The decision will be made on Friday 3 September by the minister Roberto Speranza, which … Read more

Vaccination warning from Ayça Erturan, who has a delta variant while pregnant

Famous actress Ayça Erturan caught the delta variant during pregnancy. In the video he published on his YouTube channel, Erturan said that he survived the coronavirus, “I went to the hospital to get tested to fly abroad. A second overdose was then made. Then, on the way home, the phone rang. They called from the … Read more

They will pay 52 thousand liras to those who catch the Delta variant!

Saturday, August 28, 2021 – 15:08 | Last Updated : 28 08 2021 – 15:10 British scientists are preparing to carry out a very interesting experiment regarding the Delta variant, which has not fallen off the agenda recently. The team, which will infect healthy volunteers with Delta and examine them, will pay 4,500 pounds, or … Read more