Demography: the secret of Gaspésie’s successful bet | Eastern Quebec | News | The sun

“Demographic turnaround”, “record interregional balance sheet” and “positive migratory flow”. For the past few years, each update of the migration balance sheet has been an opportunity to rejoice in Gaspésie. Having become a true symbol of a successful demographic turnaround, the peninsula did not however obtain such results by chance. So what is Gaspésie’s secret?

Tearful volunteers leave Ukrainian refugees in their new life in Portugal – War in Ukraine

Tears streamed down the faces of volunteers and displaced families at the time of separation. Leaving Burgos, Spain, where the humanitarian caravan spent the last night, before returning to Portugal, the 26 vans split up to go to the different final destinations of the 117 people who, with their homeland at war, seek safety in … Read more

CES proposes to end “gold” visas to help Portuguese have more babies | Birth

Relate the “visas” gold” and fiscal support for non-habitual residents with birth problems might sound strange. But the explanation is simple: those measures made housing prices soar, which made it impossible for many young adults to leave their parents’ home and start their own family. The end of that support is thus one of the … Read more

Pope of Rome worried about low birth rate: Many couples do not choose a child or choose only one child, it is a tragedy

Rome’s Pope Francis on Sunday expressed concern about a drop in the birth rate. “Many couples do not choose a child or choose only one child. It is a tragedy, ”Francis said, following a traditional prayer from the angel of the Lord, addressing thousands of people in the rainy St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. … Read more