Dengue fever alert in Singapore

The National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) reports 23,267 cases of dengue in total through August 5, a dramatic increase from the 5,258 cases reported for all of 2021.According to the NEA, the high population of mosquitoes Temples of the Egyptiansassociated with the circulation of the previously uncommon DENV-3, is expected to keep the number … Read more

Pancaroba Dozens of Children Affected by Dengue Fever

Writer : KompasTV Madiun KEDIRI, KOMPAS.TV – In this transitional season, dozens of children in the city of Kediri were stricken with dengue fever. Parents are now asked to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and be more alert to the early symptoms of dengue fever. Since the last 2 months, Gambiran Hospital, Kediri City, has continued … Read more

120 Residents of Asmat District Infected with Dengue Fever

Jayapura – Since it was declared an extraordinary event (KLB) in June 2022, case hemorrhagic fever dengue (DBD) in Asmat Regency, Papua has infected about 120 local residents. The Head of the Surveillance and Immunization Section of the Asmat District Health Office (Dinkes) Darsono, who was contacted from Jayapura, Saturday, admitted that dengue cases in … Read more

Dengue Fever Outbreak in Asmat Papua, Residents Difficulty in Clean Water and Collecting Rainwater

PEOPLE’S MIND – Asmat . District, Papua hit by a disaster hemorrhagic fever which infects more than 100 local residents. With a total of 120 cases, cases hemorrhagic fever from Asmat . District has been declared an extraordinary event (KLB) since two months ago. Specifically, Asmat . District declared a disaster KLB case hemorrhagic fever … Read more

A new case of autochthonous dengue reported in Flo…

To UNITED STATESin a follow-up report on the indigenous transmission of the dengue in L’state of floridathe county health department of Miami-Dade (DOH-Miami-Dade) has confirmed a second locally transmitted case of dengue fever in a county resident.This is the second case reported in the state in 2022. Miami-Dade County remains under a mosquito-borne illness advisory. … Read more

Transition Season, Dozens of Children in the City of Kediri Affected by Dengue Fever

Writer : KompasTV Kediri KEDIRI, KOMPAS.TV – Since the last 2 months, Gambiran Hospital, Kediri City, has continued to receive dengue fever patients. The average DHF patients treated by the hospital today are children, as well as teenagers. From hospital data, on average every month there are 10 to 15 children infected with dengue fever. … Read more

Beware of Dengue Fever, 7 Patients Are Treated At Caruban Hospital

Writer : KompasTV Madiun MADIUN, KOMPAS.TV – The transition season for the spread of dengue fever or DHF. In Madiun began to increase. During this season’s shift, the Caruban Hospital, Madiun Regency, East Java, is treating 7 dengue fever patients, consisting of children and adults. During the transitional season from the rainy season to the … Read more

Dengue Free Educational Car Present in Cirebon

NATIONAL INFORMATION – The Education Car “Realize a Dengue Free Indonesia” officially heads to various regions to intensify socialization about dengue fever. The car launch was carried out by the Deputy Minister of Health, dr. Dante Saksono; Director of Public Health Promotion and Community Empowerment, Dr. Imran Agus; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of … Read more

From the Hospital Escuela they point out that healthy eating is the basis for the prevention of digestive diseases

May 30, 2022 – 12:52 pm Within the framework of World Digestive Health Day, which is commemorated on May 29, 2022, from the “Dr. Ramón Madariaga” highlight the importance of healthy eating for disease prevention. Therefore, the specialist in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, from the School Hospital, Dr. Eduardo Carrozzo, stated that “it is very … Read more

Know the Symptoms of Dengue Fever Before It’s Too Late – Indonesia is a disease endemic country hemorrhagic fever dengue (DHF). This disease is caused by the dengue virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes Temples of the Egyptians. Chairman of the UKK Infection and Tropical Diseases of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) Dr. dr. Anggraini Alam, Sp.A(K) emphasized that dengue is a systemic and … Read more