Some medical facilities restrict operation during the summer, some departments are closing – ČT24 – Czech Television

At the beginning of the year, the Cheb hospital faced an extremely strong influx of patients with covid-19. It now has a completely enclosed children’s ward and maternity hospital, as well as an intensive care unit. The number of beds in the standard ward is also limited. In acute cases, patients will be cared for … Read more

“Corona” reeling … hospitals and isolation departments were closed after they were free of the wounded, video

Skin is good, and a state of optimism that Egypt is experiencing recently, after the receding wave of infections with the new Corona virus in most of the governorates of the Republic Unlike the number of injuries in the daily health statement, which are all less than 1000 injuries, many isolation departments in government hospitals … Read more

Ile-de-France. The tiger mosquito spotted in all departments except Val-d’Oise

The tiger mosquito continues to establish itself in mainland France. In Ile-de-France, it has already colonized all the departments, with the exception of Val-d’Oise, reported The Parisian, Monday July 13. More than half of the Ile-de-France municipalities are affected. Recognizable by its black legs striped with white, it can be a vector of tropical diseases … Read more

Ségur de la Santé: “at the level of the French overseas departments and territories, we remain hungry” regrets FO

« A historic moment for our health system “! The Prime Minister proceeded on Monday July 13 to the signing of the wage agreements negotiated as part of the “Ségur de la Santé”. These agreements provide for an envelope of 7.5 billion euros for paramedical and non-medical staff with a salary increase of 183 euros … Read more