Ukraine wants more weapons from Europe, but the shelves are empty: ‘Depending on what the industry produces in the near future’

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➤ Discover in this personality test if you are a creative or analytical person depending on what you saw | MEXICO

It is personality test it might be of interest to you. Are you curious about who you really are? Do not miss this opportunity and learn new features about yourself thanks to this viral rectus. What you have to do in this psychological test is to answer what you saw first, to what this challenge … Read more

Xbox Store may land on iOS and Android next year, depending on whether Microsoft can successfully acquire Blizzard- – Game Animation- Gaming Games

Recently, Microsoft not only has a very topical new trend in artificial intelligence, but also has new news in the gaming business. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, has announced that the Xbox Store may land on the iOS and Android platforms next year. Play Xbox games easily on your mobile screen. immediately【click here]use the … Read more

[비평] How the revenge of ‘The Glory’ differs depending on the gender of the perpetrator

About the author apple house Broadcasting current affairs producer and essayist. author. There are five perpetrators determined to avenge Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo)’s school violence. Let’s settle the revenge with life or death. All two male perpetrators lost their lives, while three female perpetrators survived. why didn’t they die? The hierarchy of gender among perpetrators … Read more

Pension gap: This is how much money you should have saved depending on your age

Women in particular should take care of their retirement provisions at an early stage.Getty Images Do you regularly put money aside for your retirement? Even if some people still have years to go before they retire, you should start saving now. According to experts, in order to be financially well-positioned even after you retire, you … Read more

Headset preferences change depending on the game genre, who will win wired vs wireless?

▲ Wired vs wireless. In other areas, wins and losses were divided, but the headset is currently in progress. In the full-fledged wireless era, there are areas where the game is not yet covered. No matter how much wireless is a more advanced technology, there are reasons why it is not selected for various reasons. … Read more