North Korea, Kim deploys the “Haeil” nuclear drone and makes the world tremble – Il Tempo

North Korea deploys the radioactive drone and the world trembles. “Haeil” (tsunami) “stealthily infiltrates operational waters” and is able to create a “large-scale radioactive tsunami” through an underwater explosion to “destroy naval attack groups and main operational ports of the enemy”. Videos on this topic It is an unmanned underwater nuclear attack aircraft flaunted by … Read more

Belgium deploys innovative treatment for loss of smell

In the post-covid era, total or partial loss of smell continues to affect 28% of the population. In Belgium, researchers are experimenting with a drug-free treatment straight from the United States. The results are significant. Article reserved for subscribers Like Candice Bussoli Published on 8/03/2023 at 13:03Reading time: 4 mins Iimagine a world in which … Read more

The Chilean Army deploys on the northern border in the face of the migration crisis

Chilean soldiers monitor the border to control the irregular entry of migrants, in the commune of Colchane (Chile), this Monday.Alex Diaz (EFE) The Chilean Armed Forces (FF AA) began deployment in three regions of the northern macro-zone of the country, on the border with Bolivia and Peru, to provide support for control and public order … Read more

WhatsApp deploys a function to write to yourself

The application, which Facebook bought for over $20 billion in 2011, continues to evolve with updates. Recently the application launched a very unique new feature, which seems to be unknown, namely the possibility of chatting with yourself. It allows you to chat with yourself by sending each other messages, photos, videos, etc. In order to … Read more

NATO deploys reconnaissance aircraft to Romania to monitor Russian military activities | Reuters

On January 17, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) deployed early warning and control aircraft “AWACS” to an air force base near Bucharest, Romania, to strengthen the defense posture of Eastern European member countries and to monitor the activities of Russian forces. bottom. FILE PHOTO: NATO headquarters in Brussels October 2021. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol [ブカレスト 17日 … Read more

Heating Up, China Deploys Troops Near Taiwan

loading… CM-11 Brave Tiger tank fires during the Han Kuang military drill, which simulates the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) attack on the island, in Pingtung, Taiwan, May 30, 2019. Photo/REUTERS/Tyrone Siu BEIJING – China announced military drills near Taiwan ahead of visits by German and Lithuanian lawmakers to the self-governing island. The Chinese drills … Read more

[Frank Masuzoe]Great impact on the war situation, Russia deploys “Zircon”-equipped ship in combat Further threat to attack Ukrainian citizens forced to live in extreme cold due to power shortage (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

A further threat to the Ukrainian people who are forced to live in the cold due to lack of electricity A man wraps himself in a blanket to keep warm inside a shelter in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region on January 5 (Photo: Reuters/Aflo) Go to gallery page (Yoichi Masuzoe: Scholar of International Politics) The year … Read more

Overcoming Extreme Weather, KSAL Deploys KRI Makassar-590 to Send Logistics to Karimun Island, Java

Next page Then, KRI Makasar-590 immediately carried out the embarkation of a large number of aid materials, which consisted of 20 tankers loaded with Pertamina’s fuel, thousands of packages of food and basic necessities from the Central Java BPBD and the Ministry of Transportation, 7 tons of rice from the Food Security Service, Genzet electricity … Read more

War Heats Up, Russia Deploys Land, Sea and Air Nuclear Weapons to Crimea

loading… Ukrainian intelligence is monitoring the deployment of land, sea and air-based Russian nuclear weapons to Crimea. Photo/Twitter @DnKornev KIEV – Intelligence Ukraine monitor deployment nuclear weapons Russia based land, sea and air into the Crimea region. Moscow’s unusual military move comes as Russia’s war with Ukraine heats up, with Kiev threatening to re-invade deeper … Read more

Japan deploys fighters to monitor a Chinese aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean

Tokyo – (Reuters) Japan announced, on Monday, that it had deployed fighters, planes and warships over the past two weeks to monitor the aircraft carrier Liaoning and five warships that conducted naval military exercises and combat operations in the Pacific Ocean. Japan’s defense ministry said in a press release that Tokyo monitored the operations after … Read more