“Deadly Dimensions Remastered Edition” pre-launch release trailer releases a glimpse into the depths of space to uncover the thrilling journey #PlayStation 5 (188025)

“Dead Dimensions Remake” will be launched on January 27, 2023, and is currently available for pre-order on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (EA App, Steam and Epic Games Store). EA Montreal studio Motive announced earlier“Desperate Another Dimension Remastered Edition”A trailer is released, which provides a glimpse of the thrilling journey of the protagonist … Read more

Inspired by Ori, Hollow Knight and Dark Souls, the gloomy metroidvania Elypse will send you to the depths of the infernal world – gameplay trailer released

Publisher PID Games and developers from the French studio Hot Chili Games presented new trailer for his gloomy metroidvania Elypse. The video reveals the target platforms and the timing of the release of the project. Image Source: Steam The events of Elypse will unfold in the devastated Elypsia, whose inhabitants make a sacrifice to the … Read more

Never-before-seen photos reveal dark creatures from the depths of the Indian Ocean | Biodiversity

These were some of the curious and somewhat somber-looking creatures that researchers from the Museums Victoria Institute, in Australia, found in the depths of the Indian Ocean when diving on a little-explored island in the region, the Cocos Islands Marine Park. “We discovered an incredible number of potentially new species living in this remote marine … Read more

With the James Webb Telescope, the depths of space are getting closer

The James Webb Space Telescope caused a sensation shortly after its launch. Most recently, sulfur dioxide was discovered for the first time on an exoplanet using his recordings. And James Webb is also breathing new life into a classic of astronomy: the space telescope recently made a new image of the “nursery for stars”, which … Read more

Open the depths of Mr. Baifern. This love, Father arranges for Ann Lerkuk to respond to the Division of resentment. The young man swears that he doesn’t know.

Revealing the origin of the fan zone until it became a big news Open the depth of the relationship Mr. Baifern Love this father arranges for Ann Lerkuk to respond to the events in the drama Khaen Num Kanchai swearing that he does not know. move into the fan zone This work has become a … Read more

discovering the depths of the Municipal Theater of Santiago with the HUAWEI nova 10 – MEDIABANCO News Agency – Chile

The foyer, the main room, the La Capilla room, the presidential room were some of the spaces captured with the incredible camera of the new device, a cultural experience that, complemented with telephone technology, left incredible records of the historic building. Santiago, November 16, 2022. Knowing the details of the most striking spaces and corners … Read more

In the footsteps of Gavi… From the depths of Andalusia to the greatness of ‘Camp Nou’

“He thinks he is on the school playground,” Pablo Pais joked when asked about his son Gavi, who had just turned 18. However, this young man made giant fingerprints of his football career from the depths of Andalusia to the World Cup in Qatar. From the dusty, barren stadiums of Andalusia to the grandeur of … Read more

Carbon in organic form discovered in the depths of the earth

Researchers from the IPGP (Institut de physique du globe de Paris) have demonstrated, for the first time, the formation at high pressure and the trapping of organic and solid carbon in the lithosphere. This discovery lifts the veil on a major reservoir of this compound in the depths of the earth. The deep carbon cycle … Read more

Wireless battery-free camera that explores the ocean depths

Researchers have created a new wireless camera that can generate power by itself to be able to take pictures underwater without the need for a battery, which will allow researchers to explore and photograph the depths of the oceans that were not previously accessible and photographed. The camera will allow scientists to search remote parts … Read more

Explosions in the depths of the Baltic. The Kremlin is escalating its aggression. Blood rains again in Iran / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

Mobilization announced in Russia, related protests in the country. Protest actions are taking place in Iran. Parliamentary elections have been held in Italy, the right-wing forces won. Gas leak in Baltic Sea after explosions. The acting director of the Institute of Foreign Policy of Latvia evaluates current events in the world Karl Bukowski and an … Read more