Callum Wilson, the ‘poor’ Premier reveal destined to be a kickboxing star

Related news Callum Wilson has become one of the revelation players of the Premier League thanks to his enormous role with the Newcastle. He is not at all a stranger to English football, since before he had already aroused the interest of big clubs in the British Isles, however, he ended up landing in the … Read more

F-35 fighters that were destined for Turkey will be sold to Greece

The United States intends to sell six F-35 fighter jets to Greece, reported local media on Wednesday, adding that the F-35s likely to be delivered to Greece, were originally ordered by Turkey’s air force. The sale comes amid mounting tensions between Athens and Ankara, particularly over gas exploration rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, which both … Read more

Greece will keep the F-35As destined for Turkey-noticias

The first six Lockheed Martin F-35As Lightning II manufactured for Turkey will go to its traditional rival in this scenario, Greece. The Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, reported on October 27 of a plan to reinforce the borders and the Hellenic Armed Forces (FAS). Under the name ?? Shield for Thrace ?? defensive capabilities … Read more

Artemio López: “Duhalde knows enough about institutional coups”

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The President’s weakness: The Piñera Morel Family took out of the country more than US $ 500 million destined for Tax Havens

This year two news items have once again highlighted the fortune of the President of the Republic. In March of this year, Forbes magazine reported that Sebastián Piñera rose 55 position among the richest people in the world and during this week – the seventh since the social and political crisis broke out – it … Read more

Piñera announces a $ 500 thousand bond destined for the country’s middle class

He President Sebastián Piñera made important announcements of support to the country in the middle of the discussion for the withdrawal of 10% from the Pension Fund, AFP: a $ 500,000 bond for the middle class. “We are convinced that the urgent protection of the middle class cannot be at the cost of their pension … Read more

Steve Bannon, ex-Trump adviser, accused of embezzling funds destined for the wall with Mexico

NEW YORK | He would have embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars intended to support the iconic project of the Trump presidency to erect a wall on the Mexican border: Steve Bannon, ex-adviser to the American president, was indicted and arrested Thursday, bad news for Trump in the middle of the campaign for his re-election. … Read more

Mozambican government says it is unaware that ammonium nitrate was destined for Beirut – O Jornal Económico

The Mozambican government declared today that the national port authorities were unaware that the ammonium nitrate at the origin of the explosion in Beirut was originally intended for a Mozambican company, because the operation was still outside its jurisdiction. “The Mozambican authorities who would have been involved in the authorization process and other procedural steps … Read more