Amazing Discovery Of Asteroid Remnants That Destroyed Dinosaurs

Jakarta – The consensus of most scientists states dinosaur extinct due to impact asteroid massive to Earth about 66 million years ago. Now there is a horrendous discovery, namely the remains of the asteroid. In research in North Dakota, United States, which recorded some of the evidence of the asteroid’s destruction, scientists thought they had … Read more

I didn’t see your character when I destroyed you in the final

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has confirmed that his team is not lacking in personality, after he faced criticism from former Manchester United duo Patrice Evra and Dimitar Berbatov. The City coach was criticized by Evra and Berbatov, who are currently working as analysts, after the team lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League … Read more

UAS Says Yakjuj Makjuj Has Come Out, Proof That This Country Was Destroyed As A Victim Of Terrorism

MAPAY BANDUNG – The appearance of a destructive being at the end of time is Yakjuj Makjuj until now still a mystery. Many think that Yakjuj Makjuj it is still in a place enclosed by the walls of Dzulqarnain. However, a well-known lecturer Ustadz Abdul Somad said that Yakjuj Makjuj already Get out. This was … Read more

So the Ukrainian military hit and destroyed the $ 4.5 million Russian super tank: the video

Images of the destruction of a T-90M Breakthrough, a super tank produced by Uralvagonzavod and worth almost 4.5 million dollars, were released. The vehicle, introduced in 2016, is in fact the most modern and best armed model supplied to the Kremlin troops. Moscow currently has about 100 of these tanks and, with the current sanctions, … Read more

she must pay for what she destroyed

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, informed on Telegram about the creation of the National Investment Fund. “We will take everything Russia has in Ukraine and use these assets to strengthen the army, support the nation and rebuild our country. (…) Both the president and the government have repeatedly said that Russia has to pay … Read more

The Qur’an reveals the tailbone is not destroyed until the end, scientifically proven : Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Man those who die and are buried in the ground, will undergo a process of decay and decomposition until the bodies are destroyed. However, there is one part in the human body that will never be destroyed after burial, eternal and resurrected when the apocalypse occurs, namely the tailbone. Scientists have tried to … Read more

World-famous hotel, destroyed in a gas explosion on Friday, tried to keep up with the world outside Cuba

Construction workers and staff were present in the closed hotel at the time of the explosion. At least 31 people were killed.Image ANP / EPA “Very nice, but for the price they should have warned me that the swimming pool was being renovated,” complained visitor Jean-Bernard in September 2016 on travel website Tripadvisor. He had … Read more

Ukraine: Three Russian cutters destroyed on Snake Island

In the Black Sea near Snake Island Ukraine three were killed in the blows on Saturday Russia cutter, but one was seriously damaged, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Operational Command “South” said. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Two Serna landing craft and one Raptor landing and assault craft were destroyed, while another Raptor was … Read more

Manchester United destroyed by Brighton, Ronaldo does not hold back: he laughs in front of his teammates

The 0-4 defeat at Brighton is the lowest point of Manchester United’s season: the Red Devils are mathematically out of the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo laughs in the face of his teammates for how scarce they are. Manchester United destroyed 4-0 since BrightonRed Devils mathematically out of the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo therefore he will … Read more

Ukrainian forces have destroyed three Russian cutters off Snake Island

Three Russian cutters were destroyed in the Black Sea off the Snake Island in Ukraine on Saturday, but one was seriously damaged, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Operations Command “South” said. Two Serna landing craft and one Raptor landing and assault craft were destroyed, while another Raptor was seriously damaged. The strikes have killed 46 Russian … Read more