“Slowly destroying the branches of our society, …

© BELGAIMAGE In a joint letter to the members of the Consultation Committee, the association of general practitioners Domus Medica, the Flemish Association for Chief Physicians and Zorgnet-Icuro sounded the alarm. They call on the government to take urgent measures against the further spread of the corona virus. “Protect care and their patients and ensure … Read more

“Forced to sell my children out of hunger”: the story of Abdul Khaleq who tells the economic crisis that is destroying Afghanistan

“I am forced to sell my children for hunger. We have abandoned our home in a distant village and now we try to survive here ”. Abdul Khaleq |, father of six children, five boys, including a newborn just a few weeks old, and a girl, also fixes the price: “50 dollars is enough, even … Read more

[Macau GT Cup]Ouyang Ruoxi won the runner-up in the first round after crashing into a car and destroying a car

(Credit : Craft Bamboo Racing) [Sports Road News]Macau Grand Prix staged the first round of the GT Cup this afternoon (20th). The Hong Kong star Darryl, who started in the first row, lost control and hit the wall after halfway through the race. The red flag was cut at the conference. In the race, Darryl … Read more

With Russia destroying the satellite, Germany is calling for security to be strengthened

“We call on all states to engage constructively in this process and in the development of the principles of responsible behavior in space,” the German Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Russia’s defense ministry on Tuesday acknowledged that the inactive Soviet-era satellite Celina D had been successfully destroyed in orbit on Monday during a rocket … Read more

iPhone 13 screen repair becomes possible without destroying Face ID

From iPhone 13 hasn’t had the smoothest start due to the global chip shortage and problems with screen replacements. Apple now has a solution for that last point. The company is currently working on a software update that will allow independent repairers to replace a broken screen on an iPhone 13 without breaking Face ID. … Read more

Leaders are committed to protecting forests. Now also Brazil, which has been destroying them the most for years

Commitment do away with global deforestation is one of the first major events of the COP26 climate summit. Among the 100 countries that have committed themselves to reversing the trend of deforestation are Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which are home to vast and increasingly endangered tropical forests. According to published … Read more

Destroying Missiles with a Laser Beam: America’s “Star Wars” Defense Plan

As if it were the attack of the very “star of death”, the United States Army announced that in conjunction with the companies General Atomic and Boeing, they will make a laser beam of 300 kW. The device will have the ability to detect, track and destroy missiles, the To be It is so powerful … Read more

Anna Podzrza weighed almost 100 kg! The disease was destroying her life

Anna Trusts, unforgettable Czesia z “Clan”, has been struggling with a serious illness for years, with which she will have to fight for the rest of her life. The actress was hit by insulin resistance, which is accompanied by disturbances in the work of the thyroid gland. For this reason, immediately after pregnancy, she gained … Read more

Terminal stage of cancer: A new treatment capable of destroying tumors discovered in Royau

It is a beacon of hope for many terminally ill cancer patients. Researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK, found that the combination of two immunotherapy drugs could reduce the size of tumors in terminally ill patients with certain cancers including brain and throat … Read more