Elon Musk alludes to TikTok destroying human civilization

Jakarta – Elon Musk very active in Twitter, social media to buy. In his yet another controversial new tweet, the skipper of SpaceX and Tesla alludes to TikTok. What did he write? “Is TikTok destroying civilization? Some people think so. Or maybe social media in general,” he wrote. Elon Musk’s post, as usual, received a … Read more

The girl accused of destroying Shakira and Pique’s relationship .. reveals and threatens

A Spanish girl, described by the media as the lover of Barcelona player Gerard Pique, who caused the end of his long relationship with Colombian singer Shakira, threatened the media with filing lawsuits due to her being tarnished, noting that the girl in question would soon appear in public. Pique and Shakira separated after a … Read more

The deposit system will also cover cans and “monkeys”. The trade is wringing its hands and talking about “destroying” the industry

At the beginning of June, Jacek Ozdoba, Deputy Minister of Climate, revealed the details of the prepared bail system in Poland. In fact, he suggested some changes from the previous ideabecause we still haven’t got to know the final bill. Instead, the deputy head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage emphasized that the … Read more

Russia, which destroyed the largest plane, explains that Ukraine is now destroying wreckage

Source: propaganda website The An-225 was destroyed at the very beginning of the war, when Russia attacked the Hostomel airport near Kyiv as one of the first targets. February 27 was officially reported to Ukraine and the world lost the largest aircraft. Ukrainians have announced that they will seek to restore this unique piece of … Read more

Military experts explain why Ukrainians are now destroying far fewer Russian military equipment

In the direction of Kharkiv – unchanged, and in the direction of Izium, trying to bring happiness by attacking Dovhenka and Dibrivne, today the aggressor, in the words of war experts, wipes bloody snuff. “There is a regrouping of forces. “It’s a good opportunity for Ukrainians to supplement their losses, which are not small,” they … Read more

Ukraine releases video of Kamikaze drone destroying Russian tank

loading… Ukraine releases video of kamikaze drone destroying Russian tank Photo/Newsweek KIEV – Ukraine released an amazing video showing a drone, armed with explosives, hitting a tank Russia immobile at a crossroads. Drones are often referred to as drone kamikaze because it was destroyed after hitting the target flying from a distance towards the enemy … Read more

“The Brussels Region is in the process of ‘killing’ drivers and destroying mobility with a plan which, moreover, is illegal”

A Brussels LVC driver camps in front of Uber to send out a distress signal: “Uber outlawed” A licensed driver LVC (Car Rental with Chauffeur) from Brussels has been camping since Monday 10:00 p.m. in front of the headquarters of Uber, located boulevard Louis Schmidt in Etterbeek, on the grounds that his recipe is no … Read more

Malaysia U-23 National Team Tops Group B Standings at SEA Games 2021 After Destroying Laos, Young Malayan Tiger Coach Satisfied: Okezone Bola

NAM DINH – Coach Malaysian National Team U-23Brad Maloney, commenting on the results of the match against the Laos U-23 National Team in Group B continued SEA Games 2021. He said he was satisfied with this victory, especially bringing the Malaysia U-23 national team to the top of Group B standings. As is known, the … Read more