Drone interrupts Rosario’s classic, Newell’s player destroys device and generates memes; Watch | Brasil Mundial FC

The device was controlled by fans of Rosario Central, the home team, outside the Gigante de Arroyito stadium and had a banner provoking Newell´s, a team that revealed Lionel Messi for football. Shortly after the drone crash, which happened at the beginning of the derby, Lucas Gamba, Rosario’s player, took the device and placed it … Read more

Jean Alesi destroys a priceless historic F1 Ferrari in Monaco!

Last weekend took place the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. On this occasion, the French driver Jean Alesi took the wheel of a Ferrari 312T single-seater driven in its time by Nikki Lauda. Unfortunately, the day ended badly for the car … It was fine last weekend in Monaco ! On the occasion ofHistoric Grand Prix, … Read more

Cruel KO of Kamaru Usman destroys Jorge Masvidal KO Round 2

loading… Muslim MMA Fighter Kamaru Usman destroy pride Jorge Masvidal with a TKO round 2 win at UFC 261. Usman defended his Welterweight title through a cruel knockout that entertained audiences in Jacksonville, Florida. After destroying Masvidal, the Muslim MMA fighter immediately celebrated by sitting on the edge of the octagon. It was Usman’s sweet … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Leonidas mobile microwave system destroys a whole flock of drones

Drones are becoming an increasingly important force on the battlefield and throughout the airspace. In fact, whole flocks of drones that arouse horror like flocks of grasshoppers. It would be great to have a weapon that knocks out such a flock with everything. The Leonidas system of the American startup Epirus manages this very well, … Read more

Major fire destroys furniture factory in Gaanderen, firefighter injured

In Gaanderen a big fire has raged in a furniture factory. According to the fire brigade, the building is as good as burned out and can be considered lost. The fire was under control around 6.30 pm, the fire brigade is still working on extinguishing the fire. How the fire started is still unclear. An … Read more

Fire destroys industrial heritage in St. Petersburg

A major fire in St. Petersburg reduced a monumental factory complex to ashes. A firefighter was killed while putting out the blaze. Two people who were in the building at the time of the fire were injured. Images show how huge flames blow out of the building. Meter-high dark clouds spread over Russia’s second largest … Read more

something invisible destroys a nearby star cluster // Look

Astronomers have discovered that the Hyades star cluster is collapsing under the influence of some invisible object. Perhaps this is a cloud of mysterious dark matter. An invisible object destroys the Hyades star cluster with its gravity. Scientists do not yet know what kind of invisibility it is. Perhaps we are talking about a cloud … Read more

Ford destroys Tesla’s autonomous driving and calls it vaporware

Tesla’s big bet at the moment is its autonomous driving. The American brand wants to provide its electric cars with the ability to drive alone and without any active intervention by the driver. This is a scenario that is already possible and undergoing tests, albeit in a limited and controlled manner. Now, and surprisingly, in … Read more

Natural solution from Turkish scientists to Kovid! It destroys the virus in an hour

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülgün Dilek Arman claimed that the nutritional supplement containing pomegranate peel extract neutralized the coronavirus in one hour in the laboratory environment. According to a new study conducted in Turkey, nutritional supplement containing pomegranate peel extract inactivate coronavirus; It has been confirmed in the laboratory that it also … Read more