European satellites could help detect the next climate disaster

Spain started the new year by battling Storm Filomena, a unique meteorological event in a generation that covered Madrid in snow and paralyzed the economy. Health workers were stranded, supermarkets closed, and the army was called in. At least four people died. “Now, think of a government or company that knew two weeks ago that … Read more

A new home kit to detect colon cancer could be a real alternative to colonoscopy in the US – INFO BIERZO

The US private health system has recently implemented a new colon cancer detection system that is set to become one of the great scientific advances in terms of cancer prevention and detection tests. As a news recently published in the digital edition of the newspaper has just released The New York Times, the large private … Read more

Apple participates in a medical study to be able to detect dementia with an Apple Watch and an iPhone | Technology

Science is advancing by leaps and bounds and sometimes it has to put the turbo, as has happened with the Covid-19 vaccine. Now a study is being developed with the participation of Apple, through which the detection of senile dementia is sought through an iPhone or an Apple Watch. It is quite interesting, since the … Read more

What are rare cancers and why are they difficult to detect?

The prognosis for rare cancers has improved dramatically in recent decades (80% to 90% survival in the early stages). Specialists in the field talk about the issue and its possible solution. Marcio Zanetti, a Brazilian economist, with extensive experience in management consulting and research for multinational companies in the Latin American region in the health … Read more

The first day of Brexit in the market, without earthquakes in the negotiation | Markets

The first session in the markets after Brexit without an agreement on financial matters has been without incident. Despite the fact that the world committee of wise men on derivatives (ISDA) warned of possible distortions in the negotiation of about 600 billion euros per year in these instruments in the EU, the CNMV believes that … Read more

Turkey Develops New Test to Detect COVID-19; offers results in 10 seconds (note from Antonio Moreno from NotiPress)

Foto: Xinhua Could Replace PCR Testing, Scientists Say By: Antonio Moreno of NotiPress Turkish researchers developed a new test capable of detecting COVID-19 quickly and with high effectiveness. They expect early mass production Scientists from National Center for Nanotechnology Research (UNAM) in Turkey developed a test capable of detect COVID-19 in five to 10 seconds … Read more

There are 33 countries that detect the new British variant of coronavirus

Turkey announced on Friday a temporary restriction that bans the entry of travelers from the UK after registering 15 cases of the new variant of the coronavirus, raising the number of countries they have detected the variant at least 33. The new one strain of the coronavirus is more transmissible and has a higher reproduction … Read more

Last minute of the British strain of the coronavirus in Valencia | They detect five cases of the British strain in the Community

The Department of Universal Health has just confirmed the existence of five cases of the ‘English’ variant of the coronavirus, three in Valencia and two in Alicante. This detection has been produced by the sequencing centers of the Region. Thus, research continues on the first cases of the new British strain in the Valencian Community, … Read more