Therefore, strokes in children are detected later than in adults

The National Children’s Stroke Quality Register works to collect knowledge about children who have suffered a stroke and spread the knowledge further. Annually, around 90 children are affected compared to 25,000 adults. – It is significantly more difficult to detect stroke in children than adults precisely because it is so unusual. Our task will be … Read more

Liddes/Orsières (VS): whooping cough detected in Entremont

PublishedJanuary 28, 2023, 3:23 PM Liddes/Orsières (VS): Whooping cough outbreak detected in two towns in Entremont Several children have contracted this condition, which is known to cause a severe cough that can cause choking or vomiting. Five toddlers, four in Liddes and one in Orsières, tested positive for whooping cough. Far from being serious, this … Read more

Cancer now exceeds 50,000 cases detected each year in Morocco

Experts in Morocco warn of the steady increase in the number of cancers that now exceeds 50,000 cases per year, while it was around 48,000 cases in 2019. According to the latest epidemiological data on cancer in Morocco, unveiled on January 21 on the occasion of the first National Cancer Registry Day, the global incidence … Read more

Mysterious blue ray is detected by the space station and science manages to decipher its origin – Enseñame de Ciencia

Planetary nature is a complex of systems that involve a constant change in environmental conditions that, although often small or imperceptible, can alter the already known complexity and show us impressive phenomena. Lightning and lightning are one of these, formed from the electrical charges in the gases of the clouds and a temperature difference in … Read more

Mysterious Radio Signals from Outside the Galaxy Make Scientists Curious – Radio signals 9 billion light years from Earth were detected in record-breaking footage last week. reported that the signal was detected by a unique wavelength known as the “21 centimeter line” or “hydrogen line”, which is emitted by neutral hydrone atoms. The signal was picked up by the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope … Read more

It is increasingly difficult to see the stars: they detected that light pollution doubled in 12 years

“Awareness still needs to be greatly increased so that artificial night light is not perceived as something positive, but rather as the pollutant that it really is,” the experts concluded. Observations made by citizens around the world over the past 12 years have confirmed a worrying trend: it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the … Read more

Meningitis: six cases detected in Strasbourg, ARS Grand Est calls for vaccination

A person can be a healthy carrier of meningococcal B, without having symptoms, but can continue to transmit it to others. ARS Grand Est called for vaccination against this disease. A sixth case Six cases of infection contaminated by the meningococcus B were identified at Strasbourg since the beginning of November, including one death to … Read more

Covid, Kraken spreads around the world: in which countries it was detected and what we know

4/10 ©Ansa According to the risk assessment made from the ECDC in the last two weeks of 2022, Kraken has been responsible for less than 2.5% of infections in Europe. A large part of the Covid cases of the type of him continue to be recorded in Usaalthough XBB.1.5 was officially found also in Austria, … Read more

In Vilnius, the number of people suffering from a dangerous infectious lung disease has increased: advanced infections are detected more often

“Preliminarily, around 540 new cases, infected for the first time, were diagnosed in all of Lithuania. In 2021, there were 550, and in total – over 600. There is no overall increase,” said the doctor. “It seems that overall (infections – BNS) decreased. But the register has not yet provided official data,” she commented. According … Read more