Polio returns and is already detected in New York and London

The polio virus has been found in New York City sewage in another sign that the disease, which had not been seen in the United States in a decade, is quietly spreading among unvaccinated people, the report said. health authorities Friday. They urged the population to be vaccinated, especially children. The presence of poliovirus had … Read more

First case of monkeypox detected in New Brunswick

The infected person is currently in isolation. Public Health is investigating to find the source of the exposure. Authorities are actively seeking close contacts of the infected person to notify them of the situation. Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of the province recalls that symptoms in people affected appear between 6 to 13 days … Read more

12 Years Why Not Detected?

SURABAYAKOMPAS.com – Doctor Maitra, citizen SurabayaEast Java did not expect to have to pay a fine from the State Electricity Company (PLN) of Rp 81 million because of the condition of the electricity meter in his house. The doctor, whose full name is Maitra Djiang Wen, admitted that he had paid the bill since Monday … Read more

Fantastic! X-rays detected behind black holes for the first time, here’s how to see them

Black Hole (WION NEWS) JAKARTA, kilat.com- When analyzing X-rays from the supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy 800 million light-years away, researchers from Stanford University discovered an unexpected pattern. This light seems to be ejected from black hole to the surrounding space. The spectacular flare of X-ray radiation that supermassive black holes … Read more

The largest reserve of water ever detected in the universe is 140 billion times all the water on Earth – Teach Me About Science

The largest mass of water ever detected in the universe is equivalent to about 140 billion times the water present in the Earth’s oceans. The most surprising thing about all this is that it powers a supermassive black hole! The findings were presented by the two teams of astronomers just over a decade ago. The … Read more

How is it possible that the case of polio detected in the United States is a vaccine-related infection?

United States has detected the first case of polio in nearly a decade in a young adult New York resident and is thought to be a vaccine-derived infection. How is it possible that we are dealing with a case of vaccine-derived poliovirus if the disease is almost eradicated and it is assumed that the main … Read more

Turkish scientists developed it! Monkey Pox disease can be detected in 1 hour

“We are ready to meet the needs of our country and society in a possible monkeypox epidemic” Acting Rector Prof. Dr. In his assessment on the subject, Tamer Şanlıdağ said, “With the opportunities we have, our competent academic staff and the experience we have gained during the COVID-19 process, we are ready to meet the … Read more

Turkish scientists found it. It is detected in 1 hour. Great news about the monkey flower.

According to the news of İHA; Monkey pox, declared a “global emergency” by the World Health Organization, continues to cause concern.It was emphasized that necessary precautions should still be taken for the disease, which was declared to have a very low risk of creating a pandemic compared to COVID-19. One of these measures is the … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease, detected with 100% accuracy by a minimally invasive skin test

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia could be accurately diagnosed, even in the presence of other comorbidities, with the help of a skin test, according to a new study whose results were presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2022. In the study, 74 participants over the age of 55 were tested using … Read more

Three types of long covid have been detected. Everyone has unique symptoms

Some of the links in the article are affiliate links. After clicking on them, you can see the offer for a specific product – you do not incur any costs, and at the same time you support the work of our editorial office and its independence. The first and most common type involved complications in … Read more