Veteran game maker Treasure turns 30 years old and announces that it is currently developing the much-anticipated “that” work

Produced and released “Galaxy fast shooter》、《shiny silver gun》、《Guardian Biography“Treasure, a Japanese game developer who is well-known for its classic games, announced on Twitter on June 19 that it has reached its 30th anniversary, and announced that it is currently working hard to develop the “that” work that everyone is looking forward to. Treasure is a … Read more

New Blood Interactive is developing a CRPG inspired by old Fallout.

If you like old CRPGs in the style of the first Fallout, this game is sure to catch your eye. Dave Oshry, CEO of New Blood Interactive, has revealed that Fallout-style RPG is his dream game. via the studio’s twitter Described this game as their Passion Project, plus the team that participated in it is … Read more

Tall people have a higher risk of developing these diseases

According to a new study, height is a risk factor associated with the development of various diseases “Height is half beauty”, says the proverb. However, there is a contraindication: height also means “possible health problems”. A new research, according to its authors the most extensive and detailed conducted on the subject, has analyzed the correlation … Read more

Meta stops developing a smart watch and frustrates Apple’s joy

Meta has developed a long-awaited smartwatch with a dual camera, and instead it works on other wrist devices. The design of the smart watch, which lasted for two years, and in contrast to the traditional features, the initial model of the watch had characteristics that distinguish it from the products of leading companies in the … Read more

Abdullah bin Touq: The UAE is developing a more flexible economic model

Dubai: Farouk FayyadAbdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, said: The UAE economy has proven over the past fifty years its vitality, competitiveness and uniqueness. The UAE ranked first at the global level in 152 development and economic indicators during the past year 2021, and ranked first globally in attracting talent and tourists, and … Read more

Pseudomonas bacteria are developing resistance much faster than usual to a common ‘last resort’ antibiotic, new research has found

A study published today in Cell reports reveals how populations of a bacterium called Pseudomonas respond to treatment with Colistin, a ‘last resort’ antibiotic for patients who have developed multidrug-resistant infections. Antibiotics play a key role in human health by helping to fight bacterial infections, but bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics that patients rely … Read more

Study: A lot of fish increases the risk of developing skin cancer

Eating two servings of fish a week has been linked to an increased risk of developing the deadly skin cancer malignant melanoma. In the UK, the NHS recommends eating two servings of 140 grams of fish a week. In the US, researchers have warned that the amount of fish may increase the risk of malignant … Read more

The company located near Kaunas and developing electric car systems is preparing to start series production – What’s going on in Kaunas

UAB Elinta Motors, which develops sustainable movement solutions – traction systems and battery modules for commercial transport, has announced that it will move to new spacious premises: Kaunas Free Economic Zone (LEZ), Terminalo str. 5, the company acquired a 3,500 m2 production building with administrative premises. According to Laurynas Jokužis, the director of the company, … Read more