Investor Interest is High, the Development of the Archipelago IKN is Accelerated

JAKARTA, – Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said the construction of the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago was accelerated given the high interest from investors. The construction of the IKN project itself will only start in September 2022. Basuki said, there were 40 activities with a construction … Read more

Cameroon-Congo: a new international call for tenders for the development of the Chollet dam

The project to build the cross-border Chollet hydroelectric dam between Cameroon and Congo, initially scheduled to be operational in 2025, is again expected to be delayed, the international call for tenders having been declared “unsuccessful”. The French group TPF, however appointed consulting engineer in charge of assisting the contracting authority for the control and supervision … Read more

Li Bin: Weilai mobile phone development is smooth and Android users can sit and wait for the new phone release

According to news on November 27, Weilai held a face-to-face event with Li Bin today. At the scene, regarding the topic of NIO making mobile phones, NIO CEO Li Bin revealed: The mobile phone team has teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the progress is relatively smooth. Regarding when it will be released, Li Bin … Read more

On the sidelines of COP27, Orange is committed to supporting African governments in the energy transition

(Ecofin Agency) – Global players in the telecom sector are increasingly concerned about the impact of their energy consumption and their activities in general on the environment. In an exclusive interview with We Are Tech on the sidelines of COP27, the Director of Sustainable Energy & Partnerships of Orange Middle East & Africa, Mr. Jean … Read more

NASA space development history seen through concept art

Long before rovers roamed the planet and space telescopes captured high-resolution deep space images, NASA created concept art as a means to illustrate its missions. Compared to the early days, the understanding of the universe has progressed and the method of drawing has evolved, but the excitement of looking at concept art has not faded. … Read more

Mitrevic is elected as the head of the Parliament’s Sustainable Development Commission / Diena

Mitrevic’s election to the position was supported by almost all members of the commission, except for “Stability!” representative Svetlana Chulkova. Mitrevics recommended the election of politician Andri Kulberga (AS) as a member of the chairmanship, and the members of the commission supported his candidacy. The deputies elected Anita Brakovska (ZZS) to the position of secretary … Read more

even small amounts slow fetal brain development

It is also better to leave that one glass of champagne during the holidays. Because unborn babies exposed to alcohol can develop learning disabilities, behavioral problems or speech and language delays. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy: it is often heard advice. However, not all women respond to this. “Although the harmful effects of alcohol … Read more

“SAF Tehnika” grants a 4.95 million euro loan for development

“Luminor“the bank granted financing in the amount of EUR 4.95 million to one of the largest Latvian technology production companies AS”SAF Technology“, reports the bank. Content will continue after the ad Advertising It is intended for working capital, so that the company can implement ambitious projects, achieve an increase in business volume, compensate for the … Read more

Development of North-South trade: Italy prospecting Senegal – Lequotidien

Italy is willing to increase its economic presence in Senegal. A mission made up of its private sector is in Dakar to explore ways and means of increasing the partnership between the two countries. Par Malick Sings – With the travel restriction caused by the Covid-19 pandemic being exceeded, business is picking up. It is … Read more

Thai Football Association informs member clubs jointly proposed guidelines for the development of football sports

I saw it up! After seeing teams in Asia defeat European teams in the 2022 World Cup arena, S. Luk Thai is not indifferent to notifying all member clubs. jointly proposed the development plan for the Thai national team Raise this matter as an important agenda that requires urgent action. After the Japanese national team … Read more