FDA describes this invention as ‘breakthrough device’: A new era in cancer diagnosis

A group of researchers in the USA announced that they have discovered a new saliva test that makes it easier to detect mouth and throat cancer. The FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, described this test as a “breakthrough device.” Working on a test kit made by biotech company Viome, researchers began examining changes … Read more

Logitech announces a new mobile device for cloud gaming

Logitech G has partnered with Tencent Games to launch custom handheld cloud games later this year. The new devices are designed for cloud gaming services and offer a custom device with controls instead of the typical cases you attach to phones. It supports Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now from Nvidia, Logitech and Tencent Both … Read more

Android: 4 recommendations to follow if you are going to renew a device | Smartphones | Tips | Cell phones | Walkthrough | nnda nnni | TECHNOLOGY

There are many people who want to renew their cell phone, this is because the device they have is either old or simply not updated. Others also indicate that their decision is that the battery does not perform as well as when they just bought it. Is it your case? In order for you to … Read more

4 useful tips to keep our device clean

The use of smartphone has become a essential activity for work reasons, entertainment, communication, among others. While, taking proper care of the smart device in order to that it is in optimal conditionsis also essential. Although you could take the best care of your smartphone when browsing the internet, it is also necessary to take … Read more

Wind River Announces Android Device Development Acceleration Solution

Wind River (Lee Chang-pyo, Korea Branch Manager, www.windriver.com) announced a new software module product called ‘Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android’. The solution not only allows developers to start developing for Android immediately, but also supports rapid integration when bringing key features to the device. ‘Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android’ is currently available in … Read more

Tablet and laptop in the same device.. Realme launches Realme Pad X at a very low price

The Chinese company, Realme, the leading electronics manufacturer, launched a new device, Realme Pad X, that combines the features of a tablet and a laptop, as it comes with a smart stylus and a Smart Keyboard. According to the GSM Arena technical website, the new Realme Pad X tablet was launched in India today, which … Read more

The Hangzhou Asian Games is ready to set off again, and the Asian Games countdown device is re-lighted-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The Hangzhou Asian Games is ready to set off again, and the Asian Games countdown device is re-lit Hangzhou Net Release time: 2022-07-22 10:23 Yuhang Morning NewsA few days ago, the Olympic Council of Asia announced that the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022 will be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023. In … Read more

I am an Apple Store employee and there are things I would never do with my skills. 4 tips to maintain your device

An APPLE employee shared on TikTok key tips to protect gadgets from wear and tear. Apple technology is popular, functional and always has a stylish look. However, some products are delicate and must be handled with care. 2 TikToker @KarlitaBonitaa said she worked at Apple stores for three years. She uses the knowledge gained while … Read more

[Made In Korea] Piggle to introduce ‘ImPlasma’, a device that removes implant oxide film

Feagle is a teaching start-up company that commercializes technology and know-how accumulated in university labs while making plasma medical devices and health care products. It possesses plasma medicine technology that applied low-temperature plasma to the medical field. Pigle’s ‘ImPlasma’ is a device for removing the oxide film of dental implants, which is a treatment for … Read more

“NASA” sends a device to study dust in the atmosphere… What is its relationship to climate change?

NASA has launched a tool – called “EMIT– It may help researchers at the International Space Station solve a climatic puzzle that has baffled scientists, It will help investigate the source of the mineral dust on Earth’s surface, and was launched aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft Thursday night from the Kennedy Space Center. Dust is … Read more