The torture devices were ready: dock worker testifies about attempted kidnapping by drug mafia (Antwerp)

In the photo: client Yannick W. (35). The torture devices were already ready with which the drug mafia dock worker Pedro wanted to make it clear that he had no choice but to work for them. His kidnapping failed, the victim was able to escape his attackers. They were sentenced to five years in prison … Read more

Report on the Kongsberg murders: – He was left to his own devices and went under the radar

The National Commission of Inquiry for the Health and Care Service (Ukom) has investigated the health care Espen Andersen Bråthen received in the years before the murders. The purpose is to help prevent similar incidents from happening again. “The perpetrator was seen as too sick for punishment and too healthy for forced mental health care. … Read more

For game lovers.. Acer enhances its portfolio of Predator devices to play at your convenience

Books – Al-Bashayer Acer unveiled two powerful Predator Helios gaming laptops, as well as two Predator gaming monitors. The two computers, Acer’s most powerful gaming laptops yet, feature an all-new design with 16- and 18-inch screens, the latest 13th-generation Intel Core mobile processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 series GPUs. The Predator X45 screen features … Read more

Apple releases iOS 16.3 update, supporting physical security devices for the first time

Apple iPhone 14 Pro hands-on Apple launched the iOS 16.3 system update on the third day of the Lunar New Year today, with a focus on improving the security of its iPhones. For the first time, it supports the physical security device as the second-step authentication method of Apple ID.For celebrities, journalists, government officials and … Read more

The most anticipated electronic devices this year…Morocco

Arab News Press B .. Kish 24 Watch the most anticipated electronic devices this year and now see the details. This year, technology enthusiasts are waiting for the emergence of a wide range of devices that will make a quantum leap in the world of electronics. Among the most prominent mobile devices that are supposed … Read more

Lithuanians care more and more about the sustainability of smart devices: even 6 of the 10 best-sellers are marked with the “Ekoreitingo” mark

Brand and price are still the top choices consumers make for a new phone, but device sustainability is quickly rising on their list of priorities. Telia’s latest statistics show that out of ten in 2022 six of the best-selling models in Lithuania entered the “Ekoreitinga”, which evaluates the environmental friendliness of phones, and even surpassed … Read more

How Apple wants to extend its absolute control over all its devices

It’s an obsession. It takes time to materialize, but little by little, Apple is getting closer to its goal. This obsession is an almost absolute control of all the components of his machines. After having acquired technological mastery of processors, a key element of telephones, computers and tablets, the Californian multinational would aim to produce … Read more

Back in the Y2K era when Sony launched Walkman, two Android music devices, the NW-A300 and NW-ZX700.

Who remembers the Sony Walkman music player? An era that everyone had to have for listening to music from cassette tapes. It was a cool gadget in the 80-90s, a trend that came before listening to music through MP3 or listening through Winamp. more The Sony Walkman has died out over time. When listening to … Read more

What does that mean.. Apple is replacing the iTunes apps for Windows with the Music, TV, and Devices apps

Apple will soon abandon iTunes from its last major platform – Windows, as Microsoft has announced that it is adding versions of three new Apple apps – Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple devices – as part of the Windows 11 Insider Preview build. Apple Music will service the Windows user’s local music library as … Read more