The video of Sheikha Moza’s reaction to Morocco’s victory and the smile of the Emir of Qatar, “the father”, spark an interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Social media activists shared videos and photos of Sheikha Moza, the mother of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, and her reaction to the Moroccan national team’s victory, on Tuesday, over its Spanish counterpart in the 2022 World Cup in Doha. Sheikha Moza published the video clip … Read more

Qatar World Cup 2022.. Does Mbappe intend to hide the name of an alcoholic beverage company after winning the Man of the Match awards? | World Cup News

According to media reports, French national team player Kylian Mbappe deliberately conceals the name of the company (Badweiser), which produces wines. Budweiser is one of the main sponsors of the World Cup and sponsors the Man of the Match award. Reports revealed that the player does not want his name to be associated with the … Read more

“Where is Moza?”.. He interacted on the video of the Emir of Qatar, “the father,” asking, and shared their photos in the national team match

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists circulated on social media a video clip of the father of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, known as the “Father Prince”, asking about the whereabouts of his wife, Sheikha Moza. And it appears in the circulating video clip, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa sitting … Read more

“Shepherds of the first”.. A Qatari sheikha mocks after the team’s third loss and draws attention to the “thunderbolt course”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Qatari Sheikha, Maryam Al Thani, launched a scathing attack that included sarcastic tweets, after her country lost for the third time in the 2022 World Cup matches hosted by Qatar. Sheikha Maryam said in a series of tweets: “No host team has ever lost 3 consecutive matches in … Read more

Racing Muffler Diameter, It’s Strengths and Weaknesses

The diameter of the racing exhaust is of course different from the standard exhaust size that is usually found on motorbikes. You can see the difference in the diameter of the standard and racing exhausts clearly. Because, the two types of motorcycle exhaust are indeed different and their use is also different. Muffler is one … Read more

The Iranians celebrate the defeat of their team against America in the World Cup, amid concerns about the fate of the players

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Iran’s defeat against the United States was met in the World Cup – Qatar 2022, Cheers and celebrations took place in the capital, Tehran, and other Iranian cities on Tuesday evening, as demonstrators hailed Iran’s exit from the tournament as a blow to the ruling regime. The Iranian national … Read more

Carrying the flag of gay support.. The organizing committee for the World Cup in Qatar reveals to CNN the penalty for attacking the Portugal-Uruguay match

Atlanta, USA (CNN) — An intruder at the Portugal-Uruguay match carrying a flag in support of LGBT people and wearing a T-shirt with words of support for the women of Iran and the Ukrainian people has been banned from entering the rest of the World Cup matches, CNN learned from the tournament’s organizing committee, Tuesday. … Read more

An expert on Israeli affairs: The Qatar World Cup is a global rehabilitation of the Palestinian cause (video) | Qatar World Cup 2022 news

video duration 03 minutes 45 seconds 03:45 28/11/2022–|Last updated: 11/28/202209:55 AM (Makkah) Ali Al-Awar, an expert on Israeli affairs, said that the major Israeli newspapers, such as (Israel Today), (Yedioth Ahronoth) and (Haaretz), all agreed that Israel failed to penetrate the Arab popular and cultural feeling, and that the Qatar World Cup confirmed that the … Read more

“Abealom Harb”… A Qatari sheikha launches a scathing attack on the national team and coach after leaving the World Cup

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Qatari Sheikha, Maryam Al Thani, launched a scathing attack on her country’s national team players, coach and preparation, after Qatar lost its second match against Senegal, on Friday. The Qatari sheikha began her tweets, saying: “A bad appearance for Al-Annabi in the first half…why didn’t the players appear … Read more

An imaginary number.. Here is the amount that Myriam Fares received for her participation in the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup

The name of the Lebanese singer, Myriam Fares, again topped the conversation of the pioneers of social networking sites, after the uproar that she caused after the release of her new song, “Toca Taka”, for the Qatar World Cup 2022. What is new in the matter is what was circulated about the amount of money … Read more