Prince Harry, Archie, Lilibet Diana and the happiness of being a parent

Prince Harry always performs his duties strictly – at the moment he is engaged in the Invictus Games sports tournament organized by him. What Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth said to each other Grandmother and grandson in royal style But whatever he does, apparently his children – Archie Harrison, who will turn three on May … Read more

ARMY assures that Jungkook is the reincarnation of Princess Diana; she finds out why

The fandom of the popular South Korean group from Kpop has compiled a series of photographs in which they claim that Jungkook, the Golden Maknae from BTS, is the reincarnation of the deceased Princess Diana from England. Jungkook was a trend in Twitter on April 13 after netizens began drawing similarities between him and Princess … Read more

Charlotte’s words to Diana († 36) move to tears

With this confession, William may have shed a tear or two. Charlotte’s siblings also wrote their grandmother a card. While drawing a landscape with a sun, trees and birds on his card, George writes: Dear Grandma Diana, Happy Mother’s Day. I love you very much and always think of you. Lots of love from George. … Read more

The new controversy of Epa Colombia; her new romance and response to Diana Celis

Why did Epa Colombia respond to Diana Celis and who is the influencer’s partner? Efor Colombia and the player of Independiente Santa Fe, Diana Clis, they ended their relationship a few weeks ago. The influencer already has a new partner and has let her see her on several occasions on her social networks. However, she … Read more

Velvet – Europe – Princess Sarolta draws for her late grandmother, Princess Diana, for Mother’s Day

In England, Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, on which occasion Kensington Palace handed out the Princess’s greeting card. Princess Sarolta drew a few lines for her late grandmother, Princess Diana, and writes Marie Claire. This year Mother’s Day will be different once again. Many of us will be apart from our … Read more

The film The Golden Raspberry won a musical about Princess Diana

This year, the filmed anti-prizes Zlatá malina won a filmed version of a musical about British Princess Diana. She won an award for the worst film, direction and acting. The awards on the eve of the Oscars also drew attention to the actor Jared Leto, who, according to the organizers, was ridiculed by his performance … Read more

Netflix musical about Princess Diana is ‘worst movie of the year’

“Diana: the musical”. — ©  Netflix De Netflix-film Diana the musical has become the big “winner” at the Razzie Awards. And that’s not exactly a compliment. Traditionally, on the eve of the Oscars, the awards are presented for the worst film performance of the past year. Diana the musicalabout the life of the British Princess … Read more

Prince Charles wrote a letter to Princess Diana the night before the wedding. He had different feelings about him, but he made himself a confession

More interesting news can be found on the home page Prince Karol the day before the ceremony was to pass present and a letter to the Clarence House residence where the Duchess Diana she spent last night single. According to the English expert Penny Junor, the Prince of Wales, although he had different feelings, … Read more

Was Diana really pregnant when she died?

The subject keeps the world fevered to this day, with many still claiming that the princess was pregnant when she lost her life in a tragic car accident in 1997. Ambiguous remarks More than 24 years after Diana’s death, there are still plenty of conspiracy theories and rumors circulating that Princess Dodi Fayed was carrying … Read more

Pianist Diāna Zandbergs has recorded piano music by 13 Latvian composers in his album

The recording was made under the direction of sound directors Jāzeps Kulbergs and Jānis Zandbergs from 2011 to 2021. “It is important for a musician to be aware of his roots and to promote the performance of his native speakers, so I am happy to discover valuable, as yet unadjusted piano manuscripts, as well as … Read more