Diana Karazon shocked her followers with her features

The Jordanian artist publishedDiana KarazonVideo on her personal page on the social networking site. She shocked her followers with her beauty, as she appeared with the beautician with strong makeup that changed her features dramatically, which impressed a large number of her followers. Diana appeared in a classic sparkling dress, and adopted a curly and … Read more

Is it the most beautiful? Duchess Kate in a gold dress Follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana – news

Is it the most beautiful? – daily mail Report of the arrival of the film debut “No Time To Die” Premiered at Royal Albert Hall in London, England. of members of the British Royal Family Distinguished as the highlight of the 007 spy movie is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William’s Consort In a glittering … Read more

Diana Karazon’s ex-sister’s fiancée, in a way that raises controversy among followers.. and this is the full story

Posted by young jordanianAbdullah Kanaan​, Zain Karazon’s former fiancé, sister of the Jordanian artist ​Diana Karazon​, A picture on his personal account on the social networking site, sparked controversy among followers. Abdullah Kanaan appeared and next to him was a beautiful young woman named “Dua”, and he wrote a comment: “My shadow.” The audience interacted … Read more

What is the huge event that Diana Haddad attends?

Diana Haddad released a video clip for “Eshk Damyan”, a Saudi song with dialect, color and rhythm, with the song poet Noha Nabil, actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti (both of Kuwaiti nationality), actress Shaila Sabt (from Bahrain), model Model Rose (a Saudi national), and YouTuber Noor. Stars (Syrian nationality), and she was originally friendly with them. Diana … Read more

Prince William defied Diana with a cheeky comment on the first day of school

The British went to school Prince William long behind him, but the start of the new phase of life should once have been an exciting thing for him too. After all – as a future king he had to deal with completely different problems than his friends of the same age. In order to prepare … Read more

Prince Harry, Megan Markle, their daughter Lillibet Diana and the proposal to Queen Elizabeth II

After leaving the royal court, Prince Harry and Megan Markle they give no less reason for everyone to talk about them. There are even more because they now have much more freedom of action and expression, which they definitely benefit from. Harry and Megan’s decision, which surprised the queen Come to me, come to me … Read more

With pictures and videos – Diana Haddad is trending in the Gulf and the Arab world with the song “Ashq Damyan”

The Lebanese singer topped theDiana HaddadWith her new video song “Guaranteed love​”A group of the most watched lists on YouTube, and “Trend” achieved in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, the Gulf and a number of Arab countries after releasing a video clip for its song with director Nahla Al-Fahd, with the participation of a group of … Read more

Index – FOMO – Here are the wildest theories that overshadow the death of Princess Diana

Tuesday was the 24th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. During the fatal incident, the princess’s driver, Henri Paul, drove to a concrete pillar in Paris. After the crash, he and Diana’s Egyptian-born lover, Dodi Fayed, had already died at the scene. Their bodyguard and Lady D. were seriously injured, her life was ultimately not saved, … Read more

Antonio Caprarica: “Lady Diana? She wasn’t a saint. She took all the men she wanted”

Is titled ‘Spencer‘the film directed by Pablo Larrain about one of the most complex moments in the life of Lady Diana: the awareness of the failure of the marriage with Prince Charles and the decision to divorce. “A fairy tale based on a real tragedy”, we read at the beginning of the film presented in … Read more