“Millionaires”. The contestant failed the question about prizes. Even two lifebuoys didn’t help

The next episode of “Millionaires” is behind us. Julia, a tattoo artist from Gdynia, performed in the 621st edition of the program. At first, the participant went like a storm. However, she couldn’t handle one question. Two lifebuoys did not help her choose the correct answer. The 621st episode of “Millionaires” is behind us. Needless … Read more

Ojani Noa, JLo’s ex, reveals why she didn’t want her to return her engagement ring

The Cuban boxer opened up on television about the last agreements he made with his ex-wife JLo regarding the gifts he gave her during their relationship of almost three years. This Tuesday, March 28, during his participation in the program Sit whoever can!, Noa was asked if, after ending his marriage with the actress from … Read more

Mrs. Biden didn’t see the BLACKPINK show! The South Korean president is angry and fires the head of national security squid | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by Chen Jialing ▲The popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK is popular all over the world, and even the first lady of the United States wants to watch their performance by name. (Picture / flip from BLACKPINK Facebook) The South Korean group BLACKPINK is making waves around the world. Their global concert … Read more

Studio Ghibli Suzuki Toshio P, suspicion of being a model for a new heroine, into a Thai woman, ‘I didn’t want to know’ suspicion of vividness | Smart FLASH/Sumafura[光文社週刊誌]

Mr. Suzuki, who has supported Ghibli works as a producer for many years Toshio Suzuki, the representative director and producer of Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd., has been criticized within Ghibli, saying that the Thai woman he met since around 2013 is in a state of “public and private confusion.” According to “Weekly Women’s PRIME”, Mr. … Read more

A novice mother participated in the marathon “running and pulling” She had abdominal pain halfway and didn’t want to stop to run the fastest personal record | International | CTWANT

Toraksen ran a career-best time after “pulling it on the trousers”. (Picture / flip from Tamara Torlakson Facebook) Tamara Torlakson, a 36-year-old novice mother in California, participated in a marathon in the first year after she gave birth. Unexpectedly, she suddenly wanted to go to the toilet halfway through the run. In order to break … Read more

Dorota Szelągowska about her pedophile stepfather. “I didn’t mean to kill him, just hurt him.” She revealed where she works

Dorota Szelągowska opened up again about her difficult childhood. She also returned to the topic of her stepfather, who gave her and her mother Katarzyna Grochola a nightmare. – As far as I know, she works at TVP, but I don’t know exactly, I don’t have many memories of that time – she told the … Read more

Premier League|Tottenham didn’t finish the black and then hurt Emerson dry land: the journey is over and I wish you all the best

Tottenham “No handsome” Tottenham’s room leaked and it rained all night. The Brazilian international right gate Emerson was injured when he represented the national team in Morocco last weekend. After the game, it was confirmed that he needed knee surgery or had to rest for 6 weeks; The Spurs are still confident that the 24-year-old, … Read more