Levits discusses with the Finnish foreign minister the creation of a special tribunal to investigate the crime of Russian aggression / Diena

Levits emphasized the excellent bilateral relations, the active dialogue in the field of European security and international organizations. The President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland discussed the assistance of the two countries to Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. The President emphasized that Latvia supports the creation of a special tribunal … Read more

The Norwegian police are not going to deport the former Wagner commander to Russia / Diena

Medvedv is being held in prison for his own safety, the lawyer explained, adding that his client is ready to testify against “Wagner” manager Yevgeny Prigozhin. Concerns that he might be deported were previously expressed to the human rights protection organization “Gulagu.net” by Medvedev himself, when the police transferred him from the hotel where he … Read more

A high-ranking official of the Ukrainian government was fired on suspicion of corruption / Diena

The Deputy Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development Vasils Lozinkis has been dismissed from his position, Prime Minister of Ukraine Deniss Shmihals announced on the Telegram platform. Lozinkis, who held the position of deputy minister since May 2020, is suspected of having accepted 400,000 US dollars in exchange for which he supported the contract … Read more

At the French festival FIPADOC this year special attention is paid to the Baltic States and Finland / Diena

The FIPADOC festival is the first of Europe’s most important documentary film festivals within the calendar year, it includes about 180 films from 50 countries and awards 15 awards, gathers about 30,000 viewers and more than 1,500 accredited guests. This year, during the festival, special attention will be paid to the representatives of the documentary … Read more

History always brings the Baltic states and Poland together / Diena

LETA was informed by the Saeima Press Service that the Speakers of the Baltic States and Polish Parliaments have gathered in the capital of Poland to strengthen regional cooperation at a time when the European security system is facing unprecedented challenges. Speaker of the Saeima, Speaker of the Estonian Parliament Jiri Ratas, Speaker of the … Read more

There is no evidence of preparation of an attack on Ukraine from Belarus / Diena

“We are still following this closely, we know that Russian troops are excessively engaged in actions with Belarusian troops, however there are no signs so far of any offensive actions that are imminent,” he said. “We don’t see anything at this stage to indicate that,” added a Pentagon spokesman. The commander of the combined forces … Read more

The distribution network warns of a possible disconnection of the electricity supply in flooded areas / Diena

With the onset of thaw, the water level in the rivers will rise – floodplains and lower areas will be flooded, flooding of wider areas is also possible. Electricity supply infrastructure can also be flooded in flood zones, so “Sadales tīkls” monitors the situation and for safety reasons can temporarily disconnect electricity supply in dangerous … Read more

The State Police will hand over 15 more cars to policemen and soldiers in Ukraine / Diena

Continuing the successful cooperation, further vehicle preparation measures will be carried out by the organization “Entrepreneurs for Peace”. The State Police has assessed that the transfer of these 15 vehicles to Ukraine will not affect the continuity, availability and quality of the tasks provided by the State Police. At the same time, the State Police … Read more