Ketogenic diet: how to make it safe and effective with the help of the nutritionist

The ketogenic diet promises to make you lose weight quickly and over the years this has attracted criticism and compliments. The ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrates and with an important share of healthy fats induces ketosis, a physiological mechanism that allows the use of fats as primary fuel, losing weight. According to American … Read more

6 Tips for a Healthy Diet that is Right and according to the Body’s Needs

IntipSeleb – Tips Healthy diet For those of you who have been trying and trying to lose weight consistently, you can try it with this version of IntipSeleb. Diet is often interpreted as something that is difficult for many people to do, because of the wrong way. In fact, losing weight must start with a … Read more

Mind diet, what it is and why it keeps the brain young Cook

Of her it is said that good for the brain. And to confirm this are hordes of nutritionists. Actually the denomination – Mind diet – does not refer to the mind. rather the acronym for Mediterranean Dash Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. Valentina Schir, biologist and nutritionist, explains that it is the food crasis between two … Read more

Healthy Diet Helps Fight Depression In Young Men

DIET become one of the popular ways to lose weight. Unfortunately, there are still some people who often misunderstand the meaning of diet, from diet to how to exercise. Citing pages ANTARAMonday (16/5), study American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said young men who initially had a bad diet and had symptoms of depression, could get … Read more

Intermittent fasting diet should not be applied every day!

“WOMEN CAN FAST 12-14 HOURS, MEN 14-16 HOURS” Stating that a high protein meal taken after a “fast” of 12-14 hours for women and 14-16 hours for men, according to the selected interval, is very effective in glycemic control and burning ketone bodies during the day. Dr. Melih Özel said, “Total calories taken during the … Read more

A Healthy Diet Can Help Overcome Depression Symptoms at a Young Age, Try This Suggestion

SABACIREBON – Health is the main thing for anyone, including you men who are still young though. One of them is through dietary habit healthy and have a healthy diet. For young men who have symptoms depression made worse dietary habit bad, when switching to a healthy diet, then this can help overcome the symptoms … Read more

Study Finds Sleep Could Be ‘Key’ to Weight Loss

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — It’s not a secret anymore, sleep have an important role for health. Recent studies have even found that sleep quality also determines a person’s ability to lose weight. Launch Medical News Todaya study conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen showed that poor and limited sleep quality increases the risk … Read more

Improve Body Health, Here Are Tips On A Sugar-Free Diet

Thursday, 12 May 2022 21:13 Reporter : Apprenticeship diet illustration. – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. A healthy lifestyle can make the body protected from various diseases that will attack the body. Therefore, adequate nutrition is needed from the food and drinks consumed. Currently, there are many variants of food sold. This … Read more