Franco Berrino: «The diet to fight depression»

The depression it is one of the leading causes of disability and suffering in the world. We all occasionally have moments of depressionbut the so-called major depression, of which two forms are distinguished, unipolar or bipolar, depending on the presence or absence of an alternation of depressive and manic phases, is a serious disease that … Read more

More than 20% of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean without access to a healthy diet

Miami, USA — A recently published report by the The United Nations (UN) concluded that 22.5% of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean does not have the necessary resources to access a healthy diet. The data details that 131.3 million people in the American continent could not afford a healthy diet in 2020, … Read more

Tomatoes and Fish Become Astronaut Boosters, Proven to Reduce Exposure to Space Radiation

loading… NASA astronauts Scott Kelly (right) and Kjell Lindgren (center) with JAXA’s Kimiya Yui snacking on freshly harvested red romaine lettuce as part of an experiment. Photo/NASA TV/SPACE HOUSTON – Special diet or diet by adding fish, tomatoes and fruits, proven to improve health astronaut . From the simulations that were carried out for 45 … Read more

Mediterranean diet protects against cardiovascular diseases via the intestinal flora – healing practice

How the Mediterranean diet protects the heart Die mediterranean diet comes with a variety of benefits, including an improved one cardiovascular health. The Mediterranean diet seems to be the Darmflora in such a way that their metabolites improve cardiovascular health. In a new study involving experts from Barcelona University (UB) examined the association between microbial … Read more

Why eat probiotics and how to get them into your diet…

Do you suffer from indigestion? Probiotics will cleanse your intestines of harmful bacteria, improve digestion and reduce the risk of health problems. At the same time, they can improve the functioning of the immune system, have a positive effect on moods and help you lose weight. In which foods is it found? Probiotics are live … Read more

Diet, change of diet or fasting: The simplest weight loss method for over 50 | life & knowledge

A piece of birthday cake here, a (too) large ladle of potato salad at a barbecue with the neighbors… In everyday life we ​​like to eat one or two more portions than we need. The portions eaten in excess are quickly deposited on the hips in the form of fat deposits. Especially in old age, … Read more

With a famous drug .. This is how you slow down your aging without a diet

In an experiment in which the organizers dispensed with mice, and replaced them with worms, a new study concluded that a drug used to treat high blood pressure and is widely available may prolong life and slow aging without side effects. The results, which were published on the “Aegean Cell” website, showed that relmenidine slows … Read more