Man suddenly discovers that his car burns out: “Could have ended very differently” | Inland

Despite the significant damage, resident Ad was happy on Friday morning that it only stayed there. “I was shocked, because this could have ended very differently,” he tells Omroep Brabant. Ad had to pee around 1:30 am when he suddenly saw light outside. “That was my luck. I went to have a look and then … Read more

Coconut oil is metabolized differently in the liver than rapeseed oil – healing practice

Researchers were able to show how coconut oil is metabolized in the liver. Your results could also have consequences for the treatment of certain diarrheal diseases. (Image: aedkafl / Coconut oil is metabolized differently than rapeseed oil In Germany, sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil are mainly used in the kitchen. But in recent years … Read more

Johnson is confident of a 2021 with the freedom to do things differently

London, Dec 31 (EFE) .- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed, in his New Year’s message, his “confidence” that 2021, the year in which Brexit takes effect, will bring this country “freedom to do things differently “, although he also warned that there are still” hard weeks and months “of the pandemic. In a recorded … Read more

Marta Fort’s reflection on her father: “If he hadn’t been famous, he might have ended differently”

Marta, Ricardo Fort’s daughter, shared a heartfelt reflection on her social media about the impact of fame on her father’s life Credit: Instagram @martacfort Martita Fort he usually answers some questions from his followers through Instagram Stories. This time, he surprised with his answers about his father, Ricardo Fort. The 16-year-old he reflected about him … Read more

The president’s message to Rodríguez Larreta: we must distribute resources differently

When announcing public works in videoconference from the Quinta de Olivos, the head of state stressed that the governors “have interpreted better than anyone the feeling that I want the government to exist. We are the national government of a federal country, which throughout the years have been built in a very uneven and balanced … Read more

The flu shot is going very differently this year due to the corona crisis. ‘We approach the patient from behind’

Due to the coronavirus, the annual flu vaccinations for the fall will be very different. Of course there are the necessary precautions, but the flu injection will also be set differently this year. The Giessen-Rijswijk general practice in Altena has more than 4000 patients and around 700 visit each year for a flu injection. In … Read more

How Fox News and CNN look at ‘Kenosha’ completely differently

CNN, on the other hand, gave the floor to a professor who called for “President Trump’s silence on the violence of the 17-year-old” to be condemned. The channel raises disproportionate violence against black Americans and points to President Trump. “If you look at the coverage around Kenosha, you can see that CNN zooms in on … Read more

Maggie De Block: “At Christmas and New Years, it will also be necessary to party differently”

UWill a coronavirus vaccine be found before winter? According to Minister of Health Maggie De Block, who spoke in an interview with Le Morgen, we must already prepare for a special holiday season. “During the Christmas and New Year period, we will also have to celebrate differently,” she explains. “In my family, we are already … Read more

Doctors called to see obesity differently

The study, published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association, advises healthcare professionals to avoid using negative words and images with the obese patient. She also suggests that they should not assume that a patient’s symptom or complaint is related to their weight. In healthcare, weight prejudices can affect the quality of care provided … Read more

The Czechs brought covid from the party in Croatia, says the Hungarian. The numbers speak differently

“Long rows in front of discos, hundreds of visitors crowded on the dance floors and loud parties. What sounds like the time before coronavirus is obviously the current reality in Croatia, “German television described the festival events on Zrće beach in July. RTL. “Safe distance, drapes and hygiene are a thing of the past. This … Read more