Škoda Fabia twice differently: There is not much left of the production Monte Carlo in the racing special RS Rally2

Škoda Motorsport sets out for the world rally championships with a new competition special. The new Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 continues the tradition of compact Mladá Boleslav competitors, started by the iconic Fabia WRC, and represents the most modern evolution of the brand’s rally specials. It visibly shares only the silhouette and design features with … Read more

Childhood trauma affects men and women differently

Foto: Unsplash Men and women are affected very differently by childhood trauma. This is the conclusion of an international study led by Maastricht University (UM). But how does that manifest itself and have similarities been found? Mental health problems in adults are nothing new. Many people have to deal with it, both privately and at … Read more

Discovery: Women and men can age completely differently

In the study, the researchers used artificial intelligence to go through notes from biopsies taken on no fewer than 4.9 million people between the ages of 0 and 106. The tissue samples came from several different organs in the body, including skin, liver, lungs, brain, kidneys and muscles. One of the findings in the enormous … Read more

During my career there was a lot of pressure on how I look, today I perceive beauty differently, the charming and strict Tatiana Drexler admits: What is her recipe for youth?

Everyone can really dance to her! The popular Let’s Dance judge celebrated her 60th birthday this year, but few people would have guessed her age. How does she stay in shape and what still manages to surprise her on this show after so many years? An integral part of Let’s Dance is Tatiana Drexler, who … Read more

The Congo president’s rebuke to Macron, nerves on edge about French colonialism: “Start looking at us differently, without paternalism” – The video

“You’re starting to look at us differently, without paternalism». Thus the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Felix Tshisekedi he addressed his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron during a press conference held on March 4 in the capital of the African country Kinshasa. Harsh words that start from the question of Françafrique. The tenant … Read more

“Couldn’t they have dressed differently?”: Kate and William at the gym in… costume

While visiting a leisure center in Aberavon, Wales, Kate and William were asked to cycle past customers. Special feature of this sports session? The princely couple were in costume. It was in a leisure center in Aberavon, Wales, that the princely couple Kate and William offered a sequence for the less original. To promote sport … Read more

Turkey may respond ‘differently’ to Finland and Sweden’s NATO candidacies: Erdogan

Par : LIANG Chen| Key words : Turkey-Finland-Sweden-NATOFrench.china.org.cn| Updated on 30-01-2023 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that Turkey might respond “differently” to Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO bids, and that its response might “shock” Sweden, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported. “If necessary, we could give a different response to Finland. Sweden would … Read more

Attention, change of law. Business flat rate tax? Now you will settle your health insurance premium differently [25.01.2023]

From January 1, 2022, new rules for paying health insurance contributions apply. Taxpayers settling using the straight-line method may reduce the tax base by the amount of the premium paid. However, it should be remembered that the amount of the deduction during the year is limited. What is the limit and how best to settle … Read more

KPMG warns: start thinking radically differently about healthcare

Accounting and advisory organization KPMG warns that healthcare systems worldwide need to be thought of radically differently in order to cope with upcoming crises. International recession, covid-related debt and also climate change disasters could be part of that. The corona pandemic may have been just the first of a whole series of crises, but care … Read more