Siloam Kebon Jeruk Presents Digestive Tract Integrated Services

JAKARTA, – Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk (SHKJ) presents an integrated service for digestive tract disorders, the Siloam Digestive Center on October 23, 2021. A clinic with a dedicated team to help patients and their families through proper education about digestive problems, consultation, to treatment through endoscopy and action Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery for Colorectal, … Read more

Vondroušová did not start the semifinals against Muguruza in Chicago, she has digestive problems

“Unfortunately, I have to unsubscribe from today’s match, but I’m happy with the tennis I played here in Chicago,” Vondroušová said in a statement from the organizers, whom she thanked for organizing the tournament. The 41st world ranking player Vondroušová advanced to the fourth semifinal of the season after Friday’s three-hundredth battle with the American … Read more

Here are 7 Benefits of Guava for Babies, Help Digestive Problems To Prevent Cancer

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Indonesia has many fruit trees, one of which is guava. Usually guava is eaten directly. Even now, there are many guava sellers on the streets which are processed into pickled guava. Guava seeds are also usually made into juice. People often use guava juice to treat dengue fever. But actually guava has … Read more

Eating Disorder, Mental or Digestive Disorders? : Okezone Lifestyle

YOU Are you looking for something entertaining and at the same time adding knowledge while at home? It’s very fitting! Podcast Kata Dokter with dr. Nadia Alaydrus is back again to provide tips and information about health. In this episode, dr. Nadia will discuss one of the problems that often attack women, namely eating disorders! … Read more

Medieval monks were complicated by the permission to eat meat for life, they had digestive problems

In 1336, a papal decree was issued authorizing monks to consume twice a week the meat of animals that have four limbs — beef, pork, mutton, and game. However, British researchers focusing on Muchelney Abbey in the south of England found that the health of the clergy was not good. Historians from the British non-profit … Read more

A Row of Benefits of Papaya Leaves, Can Control Blood Sugar To Overcome Digestive Problems » JOGLOSEMAR NEWS

Papaya leaf illustration. Pixabay JOGLOSEMARNEWS.COM — The papaya tree is a tropical plant native to Mexico and the northern region of South America. Although far from its origin, papaya trees can thrive in Indonesia. Papaya fruit is very easy to get, both in traditional markets and supermarkets. Papaya trees are very easy to cultivate, just … Read more

Beware, Ultraprocessed Foods Can Cause Digestive Disorders

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A study conducted by Neeraj Narula, assistant professor from Canada’s McMaster University, shows ultraprocessed foods increase the risk indigestion or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Research published in journal British Medical Journal, concluded that the more ultraprocessed foods consumed, the higher the risk of developing IBD. The study also found that the consumption … Read more

This is a Sign of Corona Virus Attacking the Digestive System

SOLOPOS.COM – Illustration of a stomach ache. (Special/Pinterest), JAKARTA — At the beginning of the Covid-19 attack, the symptoms experienced usually attack the respiratory system. However, the effect of viral mutation corona now also appears by attacking the digestive system. Internal medicine specialist, dr. Virly Nanda Muzellina stated that 60-80 percent of Covid-19 patients … Read more

80 Percent of COVID-19 Patients at RSCM Have Digestive Problems

Some of the ways that can be followed when you have complaints in the digestive tract during the pandemic include: Drink lots of white water. If you have diarrhea or vomiting, it is important to replace the fluids lost in your body. Doing rehydration by drinking lots of water is the initial therapy to prevent … Read more