VIDEOS & PHOTOS | Incredible discovery on the site of the first Liège hospital: “We were digging to install the gas and water supply and we stumbled upon it by chance” (Liège)

Work carried out with a view to establishing a contemporary beguinage on the site of the Sainte Julienne de Cornillon sanctuary – a site that hosted the very first hospital in Liège in the previous millennium – made it possible to excavate an old well, 8 meters deep and supplied with clear water. A very … Read more

Liberec is furious, it feels damaged! Today it was not fair in Sparta, Kváča is facing and Augusta was also digging

Liberec goalkeeper Petr Kváča after collecting the second goal among Sparta players. Michaela Říhová, ČTK “I feel like I have an older brother who has a birthday today and I’m a little oppressed that today is his day. Because it seems to me that it was not fair today, “said the 23-year-old goalkeeper a few … Read more

The legend of Russian scientists accidentally digging a hole into Hell

Jakarta – What lies in the depths of the Earth attracts the attention of many people. This includes triggering the emergence of a legend that Russian scientists dug by chance hole who arrived at hell. Well to Hell, that’s how urban legend has been circulating on the internet since around 1997. Even in 1998, his … Read more

Digging up old graves in Brazil to make room for covid-19 dead – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease. Stay up to date in NRK’s ​​overview, or through FHIs nettsider. Dressed in white protective suits, workers open ancient tombs at Vila Nova Cachoeirinha Cemetery in São Paulo. Up from the cement graves, they pick up … Read more

The Fall of a Cut of a Human Leg, Traders at Ambassador Guess the Stove Digging – The discovery of a corpse in the back of the Ambassador Apartment, Kuningan, South Jakarta on Monday (22/3/2021) afternoon, was initially mistaken by the residents as a cut of meat. This was conveyed by Titin, a food stall vendor at the scene. “The initial residents thought it was a cut of meat, there … Read more

The digging moderator had to finish: Meghan had him fired

Television announced Piers’ departure on Tuesday afternoon, allegedly leaving alone after an argument with a colleague. Now it came to light that Meghan had pushed him “on the rug” to the bosses over the remarks on her person! “The Duchess of Sussex filed an official complaint on Monday, probably to the CEO,” said Chris Ship … Read more

The 23-year-old stewardess died tragically when she left her body! Autopsy natural death, mother exploded: digging the coffin | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center/Reported by Huang Yunxuan The New Year’s Eve murder of 23-year-old flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera of Philippine Airlines has attracted attention from all walks of life. Christine died tragically at a restaurant on New Year’s Eve because of obvious lacerations and semen in her lower body. The police suspect her After the mass … Read more

They were digging up a street in Strání looking for an air bomb. So far, they have found an old pipe

“We completed the excavation work a while ago. We are waiting for what will happen next. We will decide on a possible evacuation as soon as possible. We will not wait until the next days, “Antonín Popelka (Nestraníci), the mayor of Strání, told Práva. A survey of pyrotechnics revealed a hitherto unspecified metal object similar … Read more

Vallourec is digging its losses, its recapitalization still under discussion

VALLOUREC HOLLOWS ITS LOSSES, ITS RECAPITALIZATION STILL UNDER DISCUSSION PARIS (Reuters) – Vallourec continues discussions with its banks and shareholders to find new financing solutions after deepening its losses in the second quarter due to the crisis in the oil and gas market caused by the epidemic coronavirus. The producer of seamless steel tubes, highly … Read more