The Bergidum Theater chooses to lower its prices on advance purchases

He Teatro Bergidum of Ponferrada has enabled the early purchase option with discounts for the theater of the next months in the offer “Wide Fifteen”. Given that capacity limitations continue to make it impossible to recover the traditional fertilizer, the Bergidum launches the early purchase option for the theatrical offer in the coming months in … Read more

Marketing and truth | Letters to the editor participation in Diario de Navarra

Marketing is essential, as is the truth. Marketing and truth are linked to products, ideas, news, political positions, etc. There is no marketing however good that is prepared for a prolonged lack of truth. The Redondo-Sanchez duo are playing this game but they start to see the duster and they lose steam. It is very … Read more

Repair your Apple devices with this specialized technical service | The Tribune of the Basque Country

Apple is one of the most recognized technology brands on the market, both for mobile phones, tablets and computers. And although it is a brand with high quality products, these can present failures or breakdowns for various reasons. When this happens, the ideal is to have this technical service specialized in the brand. Apple brand … Read more

The art of snowing

First thing in the morning, Tomás Bañuelos sends me a video from Fabero. Snows. On the other side of the window, some sparkling flakes fall softly and dress even the tiniest branch of some trees in a chopped ball. What art is in the art of snowing! How many possibilities in the snowflakes and in … Read more

Research and cancer

Every year at this time, from the Provincial Board of the AECC of León, we devote special attention to cancer research. Until now, it had materialized in the presentation of talks open to the public about the progress achieved worldwide and the most outstanding results that are being achieved in the projects that are developed … Read more


Talk about something else. Of something unimportant. Regarding contempt for language, I assume, that it is a minor matter where they exist. It turns out now that the local media, all locals and even agencies, reported a few days ago that the Quevedo Park in this city had its green flag renewed thanks to its … Read more

Yankees will keep Giancarlo Stanton and will seek to do the same with DJ LeMahieu • Diario Antillano

Richard Rodriguez Giancarlo Stanton and DJ LeMahieu. The New York Yankees They are looking to leave behind the failure of last season and will try to do a better role in the next, so They seek to continue counting on figures of the stature of Giancarlo Stanton Y DJ LeMahieu. In the case of the … Read more

Online loans: fast, easy and secure money | The Tribune of the Basque Country

There are many occasions when a person must face a payment for which they do not have sufficient liquidity: an unexpected repair, a surprise gift, a trip that cannot be missed … online credits they are a quick fix for this type of situation. Getting money fast, easy and safe is today easier than ever. … Read more

Guide to Understanding Bitcoin: Things You Should Know | Caudete Digital

The world has witnessed a drastic change after the new phase of digitization. From people’s lives to the use of technology, everything has changed dramatically. People these days use technology and digital devices in all aspects of their lives. Ten years ago, no one would have imagined that we would be using bitcoin in 2020. … Read more

Why does an iPhone screen turn off? | The Tribune of the Basque Country

It is one of the best mobile phone brands in the world, however, many of its models have presented various problems, one of the most common being the shutdown of the screen. As new technologies have advanced, Apple has become a pioneer brand Within this sector, so much so that at present the vast majority … Read more