MINIATURES OF BASEBALL – Between lawyers and former players

Hector J. Cruz Like everything else, Dominican ball is evolving and leaving behind the traditional Managers of past years and decades, those who accumulated long experience as scouts. Including former professional players, who tried to be a star of the business and who, once failed, continued in the show in different roles. They remain in … Read more

FEMALE HEALTH – Breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of breast cancer

Among the many benefits of breastfeeding is a reduction in the risk of breast cancer in the mother. Carola León, a certified lactation consultant by the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP), explains that high levels of estrogen in premenopausal women increase the risk of breast cancer, but during lactation levels of this hormone … Read more

Prince Harry says ignorance is no excuse for unconscious racial prejudice

Britain’s Prince Harry said it took him many years and the experience of living with his wife, Meghan Markle, to understand how his privileged upbringing protected him from the reality of unconscious racial prejudice. Harry spoke about racial inequality and social justice in a video discussion with Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson as part … Read more

“What is seen is not judged”: the photo of the actress Cynthia Klitbo posing naked with a man 20 years her junior

“What you see is not judged”. With this phrase and a photograph posing naked with a man 20 years her junior, Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo confirmed the news that she is dating a youtuber known as Rey Grupero. After the magazine Tv Notes published that the famous soap opera villain is very in love with … Read more

The risk of contracting Covid-19 through the eyes is very low

The risk of contagion of coronavirus through the eyes is very low, but the population must be very active in hygiene measures, especially washing hands and never touching the eyes to prevent infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis. This was explained by ophthalmologist surgeon Carlino González, who said that the greatest contagion of covid-19 is through … Read more

TELEVISION – Jochy Santos: “It’s Early Still” celebrates its first year

As he celebrates his first year on the air, Jochy Santos begins a series of special installments on Tuesday, on the occasion of the anniversary of his program “It’s Early Still” that he hosts on Color Vision, at 9:00 pm. “We want to thank the executives of Color Vision for their support, as well as … Read more

First Lady conducts check-ups in Barahona for the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

The first lady of the republic, Raquel Arbaje, led this weekend in Barahona a day of free mammographic check-ups and additional information on breast cancer. She was accompanied by the director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, and the local authorities of Palo Alto, where the activity took place. The oncologist Nelson Figueroa … Read more

Bill Gates: genius, philanthropist and controversial

At only 31 years old and with the IPO of Microsoft, the company he founded with Paul Allen in 1975, he became a millionaire. With Windows 95, he revolutionized personal computing in 1995 and reached the heights of fame and recognition typical of a Hollywood star, despite his low profile. The co-founder of Microsoft is … Read more

Six provinces concentrate the largest number of Covid cases

Public Health authorities reported a considerable reduction in coronavirus cases and deaths in the last week, with bulletins indicating that the highest concentration of infections is in six provinces. From Friday, October 15 to Thursday, October 22, there were 20 deaths from the pandemic and 2,424 new cases, for a cumulative 2,212 deaths and 122,873 … Read more

A Tiro De Hit – Friedman has built great machinery

During his 15-year career as an executive, Andrew Friedman has led the Baseball Operations Department for two franchises. It is striking that both face each other in the current World Series. Note also that James Click, current manager of the Houston Astros, is a disciple of Friedman and that Alex Anthopoulos (top man in Atlanta) … Read more