Inauguration of the United States consular agency in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, DR. The Embassy of the United States inaugurated the new facilities of its consular agency in Plaza El Doral on the Luperón highway in the province of Puerto Plata, in which this type of service will be offered to US citizens who visit and live on the coast North of the country. Consul … Read more

Rice harvest languishes in Haiti

Rice fields are languishing in Haiti due to drought, competition from imports, lack of support from the authorities and the action of armed gangs, while four out of ten Haitians live in a situation of food insecurity. In the Artibonite Valley, a vast 28,000-hectare plain in the north of the country, Haiti’s most important rice-growing … Read more

In that way? “Calm down … still missing!”, Montaner does not confirm the birth of Camilo and Evaluna’s son

“Calm down … it’s still missing!”, were the words that the singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner used to dismantle what was given as a fact that Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner had already become Indigo’s parents and that it was a girl. On Wednesday it was given as a fact that the singers had become parents. After … Read more

JetBlue’s bid for Spirit focuses on adding aircraft to its fleet

JetBlue Airways executives explained to Wall Street on Wednesday why they are offering to pay $3.6 billion for Spirit Airlines, a combination proposal that has received a cool reception from investors. Also, they said that JetBlue doesn’t want Spirit’s ultra-low-cost business modeland it certainly doesn’t want Spirit’s last place in government-collected customer complaints. But does … Read more

Caba: In AstraZeneca they ripped off the government

The president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), Rufino Senén Caba, said yesterday that the contract signed by the Dominican State with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the acquisition of vaccines to immunize the population against the coronavirus, was a scam because the biologicals did not arrive . “They tried to negotiate but they were … Read more

The DR received a donation of more than one million vaccines from the Government of Brazil

Santo Domingo, R.D. The donation of the Triple DTP Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Triple Viral, Inactivated Poliomyelitis (IPV) vaccines and vials of diluents were received by the Dominican Republic in an act headed by Dr. Daniel Rivera, Minister of Health; and the ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Renán Paes Barreto. Rivera expressed that … Read more

Science – They discover the youngest planet in the process of formation

An international team of researchers has discovered a new planet so young that it has not yet emerged from the “womb” of matter where it is being formed; it is the youngest protoplanet discovered to date. This Jupiter-like exoplanet – called AB Aurigae b – is forming at a great distance from its star (equivalent … Read more

Juan Luis Guerra closes series of concerts in Punta Cana

Mexican husbands Ansuel and Reyna raised the sign in the crowd. “The rain did not leave us on 02/05/22, we returned to the DR, we love you JLG”, read the message hanging in his arms and that reached the eyes of Juan Luis Guerra, who read it, causing him the most splendid smile of the … Read more

On Mars there is a deep silence

The first analysis of acoustics on Mars, based on recordings from the Perseverance rover, indicates that the speed of sound is slower than on Earth and that mostly deep silence prevails. The research, published April 1 in Nature, reveals the speed of sound through the extremely thin, mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere, what Mars might sound … Read more

Melissa Lucio, the Latina mother about to be executed for “a crime that never happened”

The case of Melissa Lucio, imprisoned on a death row in the heart of rural Texas, has drawn the attention of numerous organizations, experts and lawmakers, who insist that authorities are about to execute a mother with a lethal injection. Latina who is innocent of killing her two-year-old daughter, because the girl was not the … Read more