Life in the Mainland is fully digitized CMHK One-Card-Multiple-Number service facilitates travel across the country- – Technology Focus- 5G Mobility

After China and Hong Kong cleared the customs, many citizens immediately went to and from mainland China to visit relatives and travel. However, citizens who are familiar with the market know that in recent years, life in the mainland has basically been inseparable from mobile applications. It has also become a “pain point” for Hong … Read more

SAS and CMO Council bet on the digitized customer journey – Today Morocco

Companies are struggling to implement their customer experience strategies. So say the findings of a global CX study conducted by SAS, a leading global provider of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, in partnership with the CMO Council. “The challenge is to orchestrate an exceptional customer experience that touches on all aspects: from digital self-service, … Read more

Activities of general practitioners increasingly digitized, but watch out for sanctions – Enpam Foundation

(Foto: ©GettyImages/metamorworks) From May 2024, sanctions have been imposed for general practitioners who use electronic medical records and prescription systems that are not validated and certified by notified third parties, complying with the European criteria of the Ce-Mdr regulation in class 2x. These are the effects of the European legislation adopted on 5 August 2022 … Read more

Digitized? It’s time to build on the IT defense plan as well

Artras Milaauskas, Sales Director of Novian Technologies. Lost data, non-functioning website or e-mail. store, due to an IT failure, our operations were paralyzed. Such events are hardly surprising today, but tolerating such activity pauses is becoming more and more difficult as the digitization of business and the public sector grows. Especially since IT and other … Read more