Were dinosaurs cold-blooded or warm-blooded?

Researchers made the surprising discovery by analyzing by-products of metabolism in their fossils. This research provides a lot of insight into the body temperature of dinosaurs, but also debunks an old theory about their extinction 66 million years ago during the colossal mass extinction. Warm-bloodedness has a price While today’s birds and mammals can regulate … Read more

20 curious facts about dinosaurs | Curiosities of prehistoric monsters

You want to know fun facts about dinosaurs? Without a doubt, dinosaurs were fascinating animals, full of curiosities, that once lived in the planet Earth and they were the masters of everything that surrounds us today. Most of us are fascinated by learning about these very special animals that left a mark on the world … Read more

Dinosaurs – Sensational dinosaur discoveries

About 66 million years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct, but scientists, paleontologists and archaeologists have not given up on scrutinizing the prehistoric animals. To obtain new information, it is most common to study rocks and fossils. Eggs have often been overlooked, although they can be a very good source of information. Waiting over 100 years … Read more

Feathered dinosaurs and megaraptors were unexpectedly found in southern Chile

According to paleontologists, there was no information about theropods in such latitudes until now. These particular fossils of megaraptors, carnivorous dinosaurs that inhabited parts of present-day South America during the Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago, measured up to 10 meters in length, according to the Journal of South American Earth Sciences. “We were … Read more

Dinosaurs: four new fossils discovered in Chile

Posted Jan 14, 2023, 9:00 AM New major discoveries in the world of Cretaceans. Researchers have discovered fossils of four types of dinosaurs, including a Megaraptor, in a remote area of ​​Patagonia in southern Chile. Collected in 2021 on Cerro Guido, in the Las Chinas Valley, the bone remains were then transported to the laboratory. … Read more

How Much Power Was a Dinosaur’s Tail Swallowed? Study Reveals Page all

KOMPAS.com – Every now and then, scientists conduct research to test some odd hypothesis. One of them in this new study, namely about how strong the tail wags dinosaur. A team of paleontologists and aerospace engineers simulated how the moment dinosaur tail sauropoda move. This was done to see if the movement of the long-necked … Read more

New species of long-necked Ruixinia zhangi dinosaurs

A new species of Ruixinia zhangi dinosaur has been identified. Ruixinia zhangi is a new species of long neck dinosaur. The researchers managed to identify this dinosaur through a partial skeleton. The identification of a new species from this giant ancient animal group certainly adds to the diversity. This further proves that they once inhabited … Read more