Researching Dinosaurs, Which NCT Dream Member Will Become Your Partner?

Thursday, 06 May 2021 13:00 Renisya Satya Researching Dinosaurs, Which NCT Dream Member Will Become Your Partner? NCT Dream collaborated with Pinkfong to sing the Dinosaur ABC song to celebrate children’s day which is celebrated every May 5. The seven members of NCT Dream turn into paleontologists who study dinosaurs. In connection with the release … Read more

Two “dinosaurs” with a sixth sense of money cup a bitcoin

American billionaire Charlie Munger, a close associate of legendary investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett, sharply criticized the most famous cryptocurrency bitcoin. He described the development around this cryptocurrency as “disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization.” The CNBC television server informed about it. Munger also relied on the brokerage company Robinhood Markets, which entices … Read more

Is it true that dinosaurs were the ancestors of birds? This is the theory!

What is the relationship between birds and Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus rex? If we look at their origins, it is estimated that the ancestors of birds were theropods, a group of bipedal dinosaurs (walking on two legs) that were mostly meat eaters. Maybe, it sounds hard to believe. How could dinosaurs have decreased in size and … Read more

It may sound strange, but new study explains why dinosaurs ate stone, really it?

Western Australian Museum Dinosaurs eat rocks Suar.ID – Dinosaur eat stone? That’s the finding of a recent study, which shows that life in the Late Jurassic was really hard to accept. Pink quartzite, or as Science Times reports “stone fine red quartzite “, discovered by geologists while researching. Invention stone The quartzite was so out … Read more

How many Latvian business “dinosaurs” are left? :: Daily Business

Of the 16.3 thousand companies registered in 1991, 4.4 thousand are still active, according to Lursoft aggregated data on companies that are 30 years old this year. Most of them are sole proprietorships (41.86%), farms (24.32%) and limited liability companies (29.60%). In the 30 years since registration, companies have experienced a number of crises, including … Read more

Archaeologists Find Footprints of Baby Dinosaurs, World’s Smallest – In order to archaeologist managed to find foot steps baby Stegosaurus about the size of a cat about 100 million years ago. The footprints were first discovered by Lida Xing, a fellow professor at the China University of Geosciences, Beijing. In research published in the journal Palaois, the footprints are only 6 centimeters … Read more

How the largest flying dinosaurs supported their oversized necks | Science | News | The right

MBut it is another element of their anatomy that has always intrigued scientists: their neck. Researchers estimate that the latter could be up to three meters long – more than that of a giraffe – thus raising the mystery of how these animals could support its weight. Thanks to the analysis of samples of well-preserved … Read more

Archaeologists Find Footprints of Giant Dinosaurs in England

Illustration of a plant-eating dinosaur. (Pixabay / Dariusz Sankowski) – Foot steps dinosaur The giant was found by archaeologists on the coast of Yorkshire, England and is considered to be the largest ever found in the area. “I was collecting some shells for dinner and I didn’t collect any more after seeing the traces,” … Read more

How the large flying dinosaurs supported their oversized necks

Posted on 04/14/2021 at 11:12 p.m. The necks of some flying dinosaurs were longer than that of a giraffe. Scientists have tried to figure out how these reptiles can support their weight. Huge flying reptiles, the pterosaurs of the Azhdarchidae family sliced ​​through the skies during the time of the dinosaurs, using their enormous beaks … Read more