Fortnite: what happens if we get on the back of a Klombo dinosaur | Battle Royale | EpicGames | video games | SPORT-PLAY

Epic Games always keep your video game up to date Fortnite. Just a few days ago, gamers were surprised by the arrival of storms and tornadoes, and now it’s time to welcome the Klombo dinosaurs. These are huge creatures that walk around the map and with whom you can interact. They are located north of … Read more

The Names of Dinosaurs That Ever Lived on Earth

Dinosaurs are ancient animals that first appeared around 230 million years ago. Dinosaurs are also defined as terrible lizards. Although dinosaurs are not actually a type of lizard. There are some dinosaur names thought to have inhabited the earth. Dinosaurs are known to have lived in the Mesozoic era which lasted between 250 and 65 … Read more

Answers Why Crocodiles Didn’t Go Extinct with Dinosaurs Revealed

LONDON – Around 66 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled Earth, but after a large asteroid hit Earth they became extinct. But only crocodile which to this day still survives. As reported by Coversation, scientists think three-quarters of all types (species) of animals that once lived on Earth have been wiped out, including most of the … Read more

The asteroid that once wiped out the dinosaurs flew to Earth this January 19

NEW YORK – Astroid which once wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago, was detected approaching Earth. The one kilometer long giant asteroid is expected to pass Earth on January 19 at 10:51 (local time). As reported by the Daily Star, an asteroid named (7482) 1994 PC1 is getting closer to numi so it … Read more

WWF: We are facing the greatest extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs

Currently, the Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature includes 142.5 thousand. species of animals and plants, and 40 thousand. of them are at risk of extinction. The number of endangered species is at its highest since the publication began in 1964. The protection of endangered species is not … Read more

The Dark Ages Extinction After the Meteor Shower That Wiped Out the Dinosaurs – All Pages

After the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs, part of the planet will fall into darkness—The years after the devastating asteroid impact dinosaur non-avians are dark times—literally. Soot from fire The raging forest filled the sky and blocked the sun, which directly contributed to the waves extinction that followed, according to new research. … Read more

Revealed, Impact of Asteroid Killing Dinosaurs Created Rainforest in South America

HIT the asteroids that destroyed the dinosaurs turned out to have a positive impact by creating rainforests in the South American region. This conclusion was conveyed by scientists who collected tens of thousands of plant fossils around the world Colombia , found the remains of the same asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. … Read more

Scientists explain how the meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs almost wiped out all plant life | Life

The famous asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs almost left Earth a wasteland due to the aftermath of the impact, according to the latest research. 66 million years ago a meteor hit our planet and it extinguished most of the dinosaurs. It was a very strong impact that not only ended the lives of these large … Read more

The asteroid that exterminated the dinosaurs left the planet in darkness for two years

According to a team from the California Academy of Sciences, which recently conducted an investigation, they point out that after the initial impact forest fires filled the sky and blocked the Sun shortly after the asteroid hit the planet. The asteroid had a dimension of 12 kilometers wide and was traveling at more than 43 … Read more

They find a fossil embryo of a dinosaur preserved in its egg

Enzo Campetella Yesterday 5 min Image of the oviraptorosaur embryo “Baby Yingliang” The find is truly unsettling, and something never seen before. The fossil of a baby dinosaur nestled perfectly inside its egg also sheds some light on the links between dinosaurs and birds. As recounted Cnn in Spanish, The 70-million-year-old fossil preserves the embryonic … Read more