[Evaluation]PS5 “The DioField Chronicle” is not as king as expected-Hong Kong unwire.hk

Chronological History of Jinryo The DioField Chronicle HK$479 advantage UE engine picture quality is very detailed Miwa Jinsetsu shortcoming Story Advances Ordinary The battlefield changes less than other similar works Get used to using the handle total score86 fluency95 gameplay80 combat system80 content richness80 Picture quality95 SQUARE ENIX has too many fun RPG works. The … Read more

Our interview to know everything about The DioField Chronicle, Square Enix’s Fire Emblem

Game News Our interview to know everything about The DioField Chronicle, Square Enix’s Fire Emblem Published on 08/13/2022 at 08:35 On the occasion of the release of the demo of The DioField Chronicle, we were able to ask some questions to its developers. History, gameplay and artistic direction, we go around everything you need to … Read more

THE DIOFIELD CHRONICLE out September 22nd – playable demo in August

Square Enix is ​​pleased to announce that The DioField Chronicle will be released on September 22nd for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). The brand new strategy RPG takes players on a thrilling journey through epic tales of war and honor in real-time tactical combat. The DioField … Read more

The square role-playing game The Diofield Chronicle is approaching launch

Earlier this year, Square Enix unveiled a new role-playing game called The DioField Chronicle. The developer has now set a date for the project, and the launch will be 22 September this year. The DioField Chronicle. Square Enix As Square reported in March, The DioField Chronicle features tactical battles that take place in real time. … Read more

The DioField Chronicle, a strategy game from Square Enix, will be released on Sept. 22 and a demo will be released on Aug. 10.

Square Enix has officially announced that “The DioField Chronicle,” a new tactical RPG-style strategy game, will be released on September 22. game story Concerning the Alletain Empire in a state of war And players will have to join the battle through the gameplay that is Real Time Tactical Battle, where we can move freely at … Read more

The DioField Chronicle is a new strategy role-playing game from Square Enix – The Diofield Chronicle

Yesterday, Square Enix had a couple of unexpected announcements during the State of Play broadcast. One of them is a brand new IP called The DioField Chronicle, which seems to be about a world at war and offers tactical battles that take place in real time in quite beautiful surroundings – see the trailer below. … Read more