They wrote to Magnette to denounce the insecurity in the upper town: “drugs, dirt, violence … it’s hell!”

An open letter signed by a hundred traders and residents denounces drugs, deals, begging, dirt. Fed up. This is essentially what the traders and the inhabitants of the upper town of Charleroi, in the Monument and Hôtel de Ville district, tell us. And it’s difficult to blame them as the evidence is obvious: the streets … Read more

It cost 2.8 million dollars .. the latest tourist attraction in London is a pile of dirt

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–London is home to the Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the Great Wheel that spins beside the River Thames. However, the city’s newest attractions may outpace them all in terms of their notoriety. The Marble Arch Mound, which opened on 26 July, has been rated the worst site in … Read more

Trevor Engelson slanders ex-wife Duchess Meghan: “Like dirt under her shoe”

Updated July 20, 2021, 9:32 am Before her marriage to Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan entered into a marriage bond. In an exposure book, however, her ex-husband Trevor Engelson hardly finds any positive words about their previous relationship. He reportedly felt like “dirt under her shoe”. You can find more Royal News here In the new … Read more

US Expert Shows Image of 236 Chinese Ships Dispose of Human Dirt and Waste in SCS

loading… MANILA – Hundreds of ships China dumped human waste and wastewater for years in the disputed South China Sea (SCS). The actions of the Chinese ships have led to the development of algae that damage coral reefs and threaten the survival of fish in the ongoing disaster. The warning was issued by US-based expert … Read more

Jang Yoon-jung “My husband, Do Kyung-wan, needs to be touched and soothed… It’s like dirt”

JTBC ‘Where I Return to Myself Liberation Town’ broadcast screen capture © News 1 Trot singer Yoon-jung Jang enjoyed pottery, a hobby, and left a famous saying (?) that ‘soil is like her husband’. In JTBC’s ‘Liberation Town, Where I Return to Myself’, which aired on the 22nd, Jang Yoon-jung was depicted enjoying the ‘liberation … Read more

The man found a box with six puppies by the dirt road. Only two survived

The 37-year-old man found a crossbreed by a dirt road near a resting place, in a place called Pěticestí in the cadastre of the village of Tmaň. He then took the four still-alive puppies to a shelter, where they were immediately taken care of by veterinarians. But two were in critical condition and had to … Read more

For 2 years, this boy was tied up while his father, stepmother, and 17 siblings lived comfortably

ABUJA, – A miserable boy epilepsy was saved after two years tied to a tree, with father, stepmother, and his 17 siblings live comfortably in the house next door. The video circulating shows the child, Jibril Aliyu, so thin when found tied to a tree in the Nigeria. The one who found and saved … Read more

Depp vs. Heard: Final point in the dirt bucket process

Depp is “hopelessly addicted” and unable to control his anger, defender Sasha Wass said. There is a “wealth of evidence” that would support this and thus Heard’s allegations. She accused Depp and his lawyers of deliberately discrediting women using “old-fashioned methods”, such as portraying Heard as a “gold digger and adulterer”. Depp’s lawyer David Sherborne … Read more

Codemasters presents the first DiRT 5 gameplay with the brutal Path Finder

Months ago Codemasters revealed DiRT 5, with a promotional trailer and some images that showed the graphic advance of the game that will arrive for consoles both current and next generation, as well as PC. And now it’s time to discover what we can do in the game, with the first official gameplay. This first … Read more

Dirt in his hands is money … 13 billion dollars increase in the wealth of Jeff Bezos in one day

The Bloomberg Foundation, the American founder and richest man in the world, added $ 13 billion to his net worth on Monday, the Bloomberg Agency announced, in the largest daily jump for an individual since the creation of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Amazon stocks rose 7.9%, the highest increase since December 2018, which increased optimism … Read more