Halo Infinite: Xbox Users Ask To Disable Crossplay By PC Cheats

The Spartan have faced the Covenant, the Flood, and the Outcasts, but in the last few days they have had to deal with a new enemy: the cheats. Developers 343 Industries released the free multiplayer from Halo Infinite on beta phase on November 15 on PC, Xbox Series, and Xbox One before final release on … Read more

Microsoft to disable Excel 4.0 macros by default in Microsoft 365 – Computer – News

What has always struck me is that there is almost never (official) support from IT for the standard functionality of an application that is provided to every employee. I regularly hear statements like ‘own risk’, but that is simply unacceptable. As IT within a company, you have almost no responsibility anymore to prevent ‘things suddenly … Read more

To increase the speed of the computer, how to disable the programs and services that are started when Windows is turned on? | T Kebang

One of the ways to speed up the boot speed of Windows is not to let too many programs and services start together with the boot process. In Windows 10, Microsoft has moved the screen for adjusting this function from the msconfig system settings window to the task manager tab. However, if you want to … Read more

Britney Spears reveals reason to disable her Instagram

Top Stories How to choose a dog for the company of the elderly; 5 tips to hit the nail on the head Last Tuesday, 14/09, the profile of the “Queen Matos” posted about Britney Spears have disabled your Instagram. Before the singer deactivated her account, she said the reason, “It’s just taking a break.” The … Read more

Taiwan’s Real Threat, China is Able to Disable Defense with Combination Attacks

Sosok.ID – China increases military activities around Taiwan which they consider to be part of their country. The Bamboo Curtain Country never lowers its power for the sake of subjugation Taiwan and bring it back under his control. In its annual report to parliament on Chinese military, Ministry of Defence Taiwan presents a much worse … Read more

Certain network names can disable WiFi on iPhones

July 5, 2021 – It looks like WiFi networks with percent symbols in their names can cause a bug in iOS that will result in disabling WiFi. Security researcher Carl Schou has found that certain WiFi networks with the percent symbol (%) in their names can deactivate WiFi on iPhones and other iOS devices, so … Read more

%secretclub%power: Experts found another SSID that can disable iPhone wireless connection-Apple iPhone-cnBeta.COM

In handling the names of Wi-Fi hotspots, the vulnerabilities in the iOS system are more serious than previously expected.After the iPhone discovers a malformed SSID wireless network, it will completely disable the iPhone’s Wi-Fi access, and it needs to be factory reset to fix this problem. access: Apple Online Store (China) In June of this … Read more

Intel to disable insecure TSX feature on older CPUs – Computer – News

That power consumption is especially a problem with the higher clocked versions. For example, the 11700 series is a drama and anything above that should be completely ignored at Intel. There AMD is king. Intel is okay with the 11600KF and below, their architecture is pretty good, only scaling dramatically to higher clocks. It also … Read more

It is no longer possible to disable Microsoft Defender from the registry

Defender is the built-in antivirus tool that comes bundled with Windows 10 and provides real-time protection against malware and viruses. Even if Microsoft has not provided the ability to disable the program Using the Settings app, there was still a way to permanently disable it via a registry key. It is no longer possible to … Read more