Ukraine, Russia | The first ship of grain from Ukraine has “disappeared without a trace”

The ship that left Ukraine with the first cargo of grain since exports resumed has stopped giving its whereabouts and where the cargo is headed. Razoni left Odesa with 26,000 tons of corn on 1 August. Originally the cargo was going to Lebanon, but the buyer withdrew and along the way the cargo has been … Read more

A cargo ship with Ukrainian grain disappeared from the radars

The whereabouts of the first shipment of the food deal between Russia, the UN, Turkey and Ukraine is unknown The cargo ship Razoni, carrying grain from Ukraine under the flag of Sierra Leone, has not transmitted any information about its location for the past three days and its current whereabouts are unknown, the German newspaper … Read more

Corpse found in Almancil belongs to TVDE conductor who disappeared in the Algarve since June – News

“All the evidence collected so far points to the fact that the corpse belongs to that person who was missing,” said the same source, adding that the victim’s family has already been informed. Authorities are still carrying out investigations to definitively certify the victim’s identity and determine the circumstances of death, added the same source. … Read more

Chic. Tears open her heart to tell about the day she disappeared. insecure because of other people’s words

famous youtuber girl Kae Kai-Natthicha Namwong or Kae Kai Slider Since announcing the breakup with her boyfriend last year They all dispersed and grew up in their own way. But there are often dramas that criticize whether it is true or content. Chic, open-minded, weeping in the middle of the show Tell me the angle … Read more

40 years ago she disappeared from the bus stop, they found her stabbed. Now they solved the case

Advances in science associated with the modern age bring not only more powerful computers and smarter robots to mankind, but also cutting-edge technologies that can be used for a whole range of projects. The benefits of better forensic technology are undoubtedly more accurate DNA tests, which can help shed light on decades-old murder cases and … Read more

The housing market is going through major changes: real estate experts explained where buyers of new apartments have disappeared and what to expect next

Buyers are more actively looking for apartments in the secondary market In the show “Delphi He” deputy general director of the company “Eika”. Martynas Žibūda says that the number of transactions in July is definitely down. He calculates that if it was usual to sell 400-500 apartments in a month, only about 60 of them … Read more

Is this the real reason two great ancient civilizations have disappeared?

It is often guesswork how ancient civilizations fared. Did they disappear because of climate change, disasters, wars or diseases? A new study sheds light on the demise of the Old Kingdom in Egypt and the Akkadian Empire. A research team from the Max Planck Institute and the British School in Athens has found evidence that … Read more

An Egyptian bride was found dead in the countryside, and the engagement ring “disappeared” from her finger

Another Egyptian woman whose death began to cause an uproar, her name is Angham, who is 18 years old, not Shaima, who is 16 years old, according to what was reported in most Egyptian media, and the summary of her story is that they found her body last Saturday in agricultural land in the countryside … Read more

He disappeared 23 years ago.. Watch the appearance of Nour El Sherif’s son in the series..Hajj Metwally..and the biggest surprise in his current profession

The Egyptian artist Ayman Mohamed is one of the most prominent faces that shone and grabbed the spotlight by participating in artistic works in childhood, After his remarkable appearance in a limited number of artworks, including the series “Hajj Metwally”, as well as the video clip “Ana Lou Habeeb” by artist Mohamed Fouad. Some predicted … Read more