Lambung Mangkurat University Disappointed Police Student Raping Student Sentenced Lightly

TEMPO.CO, Banjarmasin – The Faculty of Law, University of Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, formed a justice advocacy team for VDPS, a student rape victim police from the Banjarmasin Police, named Bripka Bayu Tamtomo. The advocacy team objected to the light sentence of 2 years and 6 months against Bayu which was knocked down by the panel … Read more

Germany Rejects Arms Request, Ukraine Disappointed

loading… Germany has rejected calls to provide Ukraine with weapons amid its tensions with Russia. Photo/Illustration BERLIN – German has rejected calls to give Kiev weapons in a week in which English and United States of America (US) reaffirms their commitment to help the military Ukraine amid rising tensions over troop buildup Russia on the … Read more

Badminton|Li Zijia opens up about being disappointed that he was suspended for his failure to quit the team, and the Malaysian government may intervene in mediation (20:39) – 20220123 – Sports – Instant News

All England champion Li Zijia submitted a letter of resignation to the Badminton Federation on the 11th of this month, but was suspended for two years last Friday, and his search for freedom to play in international competitions was blocked. In an interview with Malaysia’s “The Star” today, he admitted that he was disappointed by … Read more

EA would be so disappointed in Battlefield 2042 that it would make it free-to-play

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp There’s no way to hide that Battlefield 2042 it is being a failure. The game losing more and more players Y it’s so bad even cheaters aren’t interested in seeing what it has to offer. … Read more

End of soap: Novak Djokovic ‘extremely disappointed’ after losing appeal case Instagram

Geen Australian OpenAn almost two-week long tennissoap unparalleled is over. Novak Djokovic lost his appeal in Melbourne federal court today and has to surrender his visa. He cannot defend his title at the Australian Open. Appeal is no longer possible for Djokovic, who flies from Melbourne to Dubai at 12.30 pm. Sports editors 16 jan. … Read more

Russia disappointed in unproductive talks with OSCE / Article

After this week negotiations with the United States (Geneva) and NATO (Brussels) Russian representatives traveled to Vienna on Thursday to discuss the security guarantees demanded by Moscow at another international platform, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. This organization, which unites 57 countries, is one of the few in which both Russia and … Read more

Still Disappointed About Abu Dhabi GP, Lewis Hamilton Refuses To Return To F1

TWITTER.COM/F1 Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (left) congratulates Red Bull Racing pilot Max Verstappen (right) during a meeting at the 2021 F1 GP Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina Circuit, Sunday (12/12/2021). BOLASPORT.COM – Racer Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, has not yet decided on the continuation of his career in Formula 1 racing (F1) regarding the controversy that … Read more

AKP Robin Disappointed Judge Didn’t Dismiss His Intention To Dismantle the Game of KPK Deputy Chair Lili Pintauli

Report from journalist, Danang Triatmojo TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Former investigator NCP AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju admitted that he was disappointed after hearing the judge refused justice collaborator (JC) that it is applying for, in the case of a matter management bribe at NCP. Robin’s frustration is as the judge evaluates the JC he filed … Read more

Agatha enjoys the Tatras with new love! But the handsome Slovak really disappointed these Slovaks!

People are slowly beginning to take Agata Hanychová’s new love seriously (36). She has not yet spoken so admiringly and in love with any of her previous guys. She wouldn’t even stab her if she managed to win the heart of the handsome surgeon Andrei Nikov, who works in Prague. But she comes from Slovakia … Read more

Who is the Mole? Loser is disappointed: ‘I felt it coming’

The two look back on special moments from the two episodes in which Glen appeared. After looking back at the elimination, the singer is visibly disappointed. “I totally feel your emotions,” says Splinter. Glen responds: ”I can see very much in myself that I felt it coming. Sometimes you feel something coming and then you … Read more