It is almost impossible to buy a ticket to the Adršpašské rocks on the spot. Disappointed tourists demand entry — ČT24 — Czech Television

Dozens of meter-long visitor queues and policemen regulating traffic on crowded roads – this is what it looked like at the Adršpašské rocks in 2019. Queues at the entrance to the rocks no longer form. The online booking system made the check-in process faster. A maximum of four hundred visitors may enter per hour. However, … Read more

De Magistris disappointed by Conte, Verdi and the Italian Left. Ready to run alone

Everything can be said of the former mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, unless he has confidence in his own means. His latest challenge is to stand for election. He has already presented him the symbol of him, the People’s Union, promising to “don’t give up on the mafia bourgeoisieto white-collar workers who rob public … Read more

Disappointed Michal Frydrych. I didn’t even want to imagine that something like this would happen

“I didn’t even want to imagine that something like this would happen. I am terribly disappointed, sad. I was really looking forward to it,” said the 32-year-old defender, who played in the Baník jersey for the first time since August 2015. He looked for the causes of the cruel defeat in the inability to overcome … Read more

Dostálek is not disappointed by the draw with the favorite. The boys enjoyed the match, coach Brno praises his team

Yes. We fought it out against a strong opponent in a completely above-standard atmosphere. The match had a very solid pace, both teams created enough scoring opportunities. I praise the boys for the way they played out the game. You came into the match a little loud. Do you agree? It is so. At first … Read more

Arsenal crushes Sevilla, Sambi Lonkonga as disappointed as Manchester United

The former Anderlechtois did not really have the right to the chapter. Arsenal continues to impress on this summer preparation! This Saturday, the London club outclassed Sevilla FC (6-0) in a friendly. Largely dominating, the Gunners really rolled out thanks to Saka (10th sp, 19th), Jesus (13th, 15th, 78th) and Nketiah (88th). A demonstration which … Read more

Now Star Wars fans are really disappointed: postponed until 2025

The new version of “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”, the critically acclaimed RPG game from BioWare launched in 2003, has now been postponed until 2025. From 2022 to 2025 The game’s designer and director were fired earlier this month after the team showed a demo to Lucasfilm and Sony. Ouch. The “remake” was … Read more

Popular Arema News Monday, July 25, 2022: Abel Camara’s Condition Suddenly Disappeared, Almeida Disappointed

SURYAMALANG.COM, MALANG – Here’s the summary Popular Arema news today about condition Abel Camara who suddenly disappeared from Liga 1 2022 the first week. Besides, disappointment Eduardo Almeida the result of swallowing the defeat of Borneo FC is also reviewed in Popular Arema news today. Lastly, the coach of Borneo FC, Milomir Seslija parse the … Read more

“Exchange timer”: European industrial and service sector PMI indices disappointed expectations

The new orders figure was particularly disappointing, so it is not surprising that this has sown doubts in the markets about further economic growth and further tightening of monetary policy in Europe. Accordingly, the yield on German 10-year government bonds fell by as much as 18 basis points (to 1.03 percent). Meanwhile, echoes of the … Read more

Because the market is disappointed with the ECB’s anti-spread shield

Listen to the audio version of the article “The new anti-fragmentation shield is certainly not from Wow!” Write Bank of America analysts. “This tool does not have the characteristics to become a real game-changer,” say those of Commerzbank. “It is a mechanism that the markets still do not seem to consider strong enough”, adds Giorgio … Read more