Hamilton ends disappointing year with failure in Abu Dhabi: “I’m glad it’s over”

Ian Parkes & Jan Bolscher Sunday, November 20, 2022 6:29 PM – Last update: 7:27 PM Lewis Hamilton is pleased that the 2022 Formula 1 season is over. The seven-time world champion ended a disappointing year fittingly with a retirement during the Grand Prix van Abu Dhabi. Of Mercedesdriver retired from fourth place in the … Read more

Lewis Hamilton ends disappointing season: “But 2011 was more difficult”

In front of Lewis Hamilton the outage in Abu Dhabi is symptomatic of the 2022 season, in which the Briton had a lot of bad luck. Despite the year being the seven-time champion’s worst on paper, he points to 2011 as the toughest year he’s had. The W13 and Hamilton have not proven to be … Read more

Not pleased! Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans Request Refunds Because The Game Was Disappointing!

Sunday, November 20, 2022, 9:17:49 PM, Indochina time recently launched There are not enough game bugs, fans still want to ask for a refund. This event, Grandpa Nin definitely has a headache! fans Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Some have come out to showNot satisfied and want a refundwho bought the game back by reasoning that “disappointed” … Read more

Schumacher on Haas decision: Of course it’s disappointing because I think I’ve done a good job so far

Mick Schumacher | Photo: F-1 Formula One (F-1) pilot Mick Schumacher Abu Dhabi “Grand Prix” stage gave his comments at the press conference about the decision of his represented team “Haas” not to continue cooperation. Already announced, that Schumacher will no longer drive for Haas after this season, while his place in the unit will … Read more

Quick Style, Reviews | Criticism rains down on Quick Style after the Qatar advertisement: – Disappointing

The Norwegian dance crew Quick Style took Norway by storm when they won Norske Talenter in 2009. Since then, it has been relatively quiet from the group until this summer they were on stage again in front of thousands in Oslo Spektrum together with Karpe. In the wake of their collaboration with the pop duo, … Read more

‘Samsung Galaxy A24 specifications emerge, but are disappointing’

Samsung is not only working on the new Galaxy S23telephones, but also has a cheaper device in the pipeline. This is apparent from leaked specifications of the Galaxy A23.

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Although disappointing, ‘AstraZeneca’ is still the hope of researchers

AstraZeneca vaccine illustration. Photo: Pixabay JAKARTA, kilat.com- Although the trials were disappointing before, AstraZenecaA nasal vaccine to treat Covid is said to have a strong future, experts say. China last month became the first country to approve a nasal vaccine. The nasal vaccine aims to build the immunity of the mucous membranes and will also … Read more

New study looks at the effectiveness of colonoscopies. And the results are disappointing

As colonoscopies are a dreaded rite of passage for many middle-aged adults. The promise has been that if you endure the embarrassment and sensation of invasion of having a camera travel the length of your large intestine once a decade after age 45, you have a better chance of diagnosing – and perhaps preventing – … Read more