A look of disbelief: Czechs at the top of NHL scoring. At the same time, the club offered to exchange

Not only David Pastrňák is unstoppable from the start of the new NHL season. Martin Nečas is only two points behind him and also belongs to the most productive hockey players in the entire league. The view of NHL scoring is almost unbelievable from the Czech point of view. About a month after the start … Read more

Pull! The rejected nurse just stared in disbelief at Ronaldo’s gesture

Ronaldo used to score heaps of goals in the most prestigious Champions League, but his eternal rival Lionel Messi is currently taking the record. The 37-year-old Portuguese scored his 699th career goal in one of the poorest countries in Europe, but it was his first ever in the Europa League. In this season, before which … Read more

Disbelief about Roland (64) fatal fall in the Alps: ‘One of the most experienced climbers in our country’ | Abroad

sixth deadA Dutch mountaineer was killed in the Swiss Alps on Monday night, the Swiss police confirmed. It concerns 64-year-old Roland Knowam, one of the most experienced all-round climbers in the Netherlands, reports the Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountain Sports Association (NKBV). Knownam slipped while trying to climb the 4491 meter high Täschhorn. It is … Read more

Mother in disbelief about witch hunt for innocent son Donny: ‘Could have gone wrong’ | Inland

case ginoA man from Geleen has been showered with serious threats and death wishes in recent days after he was incorrectly identified on social media as the suspect in the murder of 9-year-old Gino. The police had to intervene to prevent worse, confirms the mother of the ‘wrong’ Donny. “This could have gone completely wrong.” … Read more

What did I buy? The new owner, Chelsea, stared in disbelief as his team lost

He grabbed his head with his hands, unable to believe how his team had lost. The new owner of Chelsea footballers, Todd Boehly, watched the collapse of the “Blues” right at the stadium at the end of the English league match against Wolverhampton (2: 2). Chelsea led two minutes before the end by two goals … Read more

Lithium: mayors leave in disbelief from meeting with environment minister

“I couldn’t believe what I had just heard from my country’s Minister of the Environment: in addition to confirming that the area destined for prospecting in my county overlaps with 30% of the irrigated area of ​​Cova da Beira – where the State invested more than 320 million euros in recent years -, we also … Read more

“Gregg Popovic pulled me to the side and told me I need to start flopping or try to flop”: DeMar DeRozan talks about his disbelief in flopping and how he still gets to the free-throw line consistently

DeMar DeRozan has been one of the most consistent performing guards in the league for over a decade now. The Bulls star’s game relies very much upon going to the free-throw line, and it hasn’t changed after the change in some rules. Chicago Bulls are going strong this season. Nobody is expecting them to win … Read more