Triumph’s electric motorcycle is beautiful and very powerful. Technical specifications disclosed

The first Triumph electric motorcycle arrived at a rather advanced stage of development, and most likely close to the final one. The “Phase 2” of the project was started in March 2021and saw the collaboration of the well-known motorcycle brand, di Williams Advanced Engineering and the University of Warwick. Last February however the collaboration between … Read more

Football rumors: Barcelona are set to buy two Chelsea players next week, with Juventus demanding £ 100m for defender. Mane’s salary disclosed in Munich

With the opening of the summer “transition window”, there is no shortage of rumors in the football world about where one or another player’s or coach’s career might turn. Florian Plattenberg reports that Roberto Lewandowskio the sale to Barcelona now looks more real than it did a few weeks ago. Barcelona has already increased its … Read more


We show you our most important and recent visitors news details A new adventure awaits with the first elden ring ps4 game: revealed by BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT INC on January 21, 2022 in the following article Omar Shoel – Jeddah A new adventure awaits you with the first ELDEN RING game, which was revealed by … Read more

SUBANG CASE DISCLOSED, SOMEONE INTERFERED IN THE INVESTIGATION, Head of Public Relations of the West Java Police, Kombes Pol Ibrahim Tompo

DESKJABAR – In case Subang uncoveredthere is something disturbing investigation West Java Regional Police or police disclosed Head of Public Relations West Java Regional Police Kombes Pol Ibrahim Tompo. It is revealed Head of Public Relations West Java Regional Police Kombes Pol Ibrahim Tompo via written message via whatsapp to DeskJabar.comon Saturday, May 14, 2022. … Read more

Disclosed the cost of a new subscription PlayStation Plus in Russia

Photo: Sony At the moment, neither the PS Store nor Sony do not fully work in Russia, but this does not prevent the company from preparing to launch a subscription in the country on June 22. Internet portal “Championship” managed to find out price three tariffs of the updated PS Plus. The prices were reasonable. … Read more

Documents on the connections between Germans and Russians at Nord Stream 2 have been disclosed. “Something shocking”

Premier Manuela Schwesig was extremely strongly involved in matters related to the launch of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 – Green politicians emphasize in a statement for the FAZ. The cooperation of the government in Schwerin with the Russian state-owned company Gazprom is something shocking, something that must finally be dealt with – … Read more

Well-known analysts disclosed that the original target of “Ayrdon Circle” was to sell 4 million sets by the end of March | 4Gamers

Yesterday (16), Bandai Namco, the publisher of “Aerdon Circle”, and developer FromSoftware announced that the shipment of “Ayrdon Circle” has exceeded 12 million units, and its sales performance is amazing. However, according to Daniel Ahmad, a well-known game industry analyst working for Niko Partners on Twitter, FromSoftware did not expect that “Ayrden’s Circle” would sell … Read more

Peking University professor Rao Yi disclosed the Zhu Yi incident: Zhu Yifei fought for his own return | Chinese naturalized athlete | Beijing Winter Olympics | Figure skater

【New Tang Dynasty Beijing time on February 11, 2022】Hokkaido University Professor TakeshiIssued a document to disclose that he gave up his U.S. citizenship to participate in the Chinese teamBeijing Winter Olympicsoffigure skaterZhu YiIt is not that he wants to return to China, but that the General Administration of Sports of the Communist Party of China … Read more

Affair with the Pegasus system. NIK disclosed invoices for “purchase of special technology measures”

The invoice is issued to the Matic company, which, as indicated in 2019 by “Puls Biznesu”, was to act as an intermediary in the purchase of the system by the Polish services The TVN24 journalist also published a letter from the head of the CBA Ernest Bejda to Zbigniew Ziobro. It is a request to … Read more

Counterfeit vaccination certificates. In Germany, 11 thousand of them have already been disclosed.

According to the “Tageszeitung” statement, only the LKA in Bavaria has revealed 3,070 fraud cases since the beginning of the year, of which at the beginning of September there were only 110. In North Rhine-Westphalia, there were 2,495 cases, nearly half of which were detected in the last month. In Berlin, 1,028 cases have been … Read more