The best Black Friday 2020 offers in Mexico Discover the sales! | Marketing 4 Ecommerce

We already left the longest Good end of discounts we have had in Mexico and we entered directly into the week of Black Friday 2020 but although we know that you took advantage of doing some of your purchases in these previous days, surely you hope to find more and better offers on Black Friday … Read more

Discover the secrets of London’s oldest Roman road

Millennia of diversity Here, Original Sin artisan gin factory and Afro World wig shop, where you can buy a $ 25 cherry red synthetic hair wig, work alongside bookmakers and bike mechanics. Meanwhile, Cypriots and Pakistanis, Barbadians and Hasidic Jews coexist in such a distant way that in London it seems harmony. Canadians too, of … Read more

When disassembling the new Mac Mini they discover that there is plenty of space

Despite the fact that the Mac Mini has now reached its fifth generation, its design has not been renewed since that mini PC that still had an optical drive. Since Apple released the aluminum model without an optical unit in 2010, nothing has changed on the outside and the interior space has always remained the … Read more

We discover the advantages of the new disk management tool

The Control Panel is no longer relevant in Windows 10. The menu Setting has been getting more and more features in recent years. Microsoft has already confirmed that there are new configuration features on the way and the latest addition is a new way to manage disks and volumes. The new disk management tool is … Read more

Xbox Chile – With so many games, discover your new …

426,018 Followers · Video Game 1,303,049 Followers · Interest 437 Followers · Community 547,205 Followers · Video Game 157,205 Followers · Video Game Store 17,198 Followers · Product/Service 149 Followers · Video Game 214,158 Followers · Video Game 289,285 Followers · Video Creator 3,570,647 Followers · Video Game 4,559 Followers · Local Business 4,205,798 Followers … Read more

Pokémon GO: they discover a trick for Niantic to give you incubators

Although Pokémon GO is not as popular as a few years ago, it still has thousands of users around the world who have fun catching these curious creatures that we see in the real world, thanks to the augmented reality. Besides catching pokémon, the video game developed by Niantic allows other activities such as fighting … Read more

The “ancient Mona Lisa”: a 1st century Mona Lisa discovered in Turkey

It is as beautiful and mysterious as the one he painted Leonardo da Vinci in the sixteenth century. Behind her enigmatic and suggestive smile there are also secrets that time refuses to reveal. This is the “antigua Mona Lisa”, a Greek mosaic found during an excavation in Turkey that was made almost 15 centuries before … Read more

Discover Hagia Sophia, Turkey – Middle East Monitor

In the heart of the old city of Istanbul is a genuine manifestation of the spirit of the wonderful place that has long served as a bridge between Europe and Asia, East and West. Hagia Sophia is an amazing testimony to the great stories of Islam and Orthodox Christianity. The majestic church-turned-mosque-turned-museum-turned-mosque has stood the … Read more

Scientists discover that this plant stops the cell growth of breast cancer

Reading time: 3 mins. The breast cancer is considered as one of the main causes of death in Mexican women. It is even estimated that between 10 and 12 Mexican women die every day due to this disease. However, life expectancy and treatment for this condition could benefit from the properties of a plant. Scientists … Read more

Discover the best of independent cinema at Play Time – More Content

El Tiempo Play, the new audio and video (VOD) platform from Casa Editorial El Tiempo, offers an entertainment space through its outstanding selection of films grouped into nearly 23 categories and different genres such as ‘Colombian cinema’, ‘romance’, ‘terror to not sleep’, ‘Cannes Film Festival’, and ‘family in the cinema’ among others. You can find … Read more