First in history, scientists discover natural food blue dye – For the first time in history, researchers have succeeded in discovering a food blue dye in nature that can be mass produced. Reporting from Science Alert, Friday (9/4/2021); UC Davis biophysicist Pamela Denish says blue is actually quite rare in nature – most of it is actually red or purple. A rare blue … Read more

Can Grand P impregnate Eudoxie Yao? Discover his response to his detractors …

On April 1, the famous Ivorian influencer Eudoxie Yao posted a message on her Facebook page in which she let her fans and several curious people know that she had been pregnant by her fiancé Grand p. Even if Internet users realized that it was an April Fool’s Day, they still took the opportunity to … Read more

Active and 5,000 years old: Geologists from the University of Chile discover a volcano in Chilean Patagonia

The falla Liquiñe-Ofqui is the name of a set of geological faults that run near 1,200 kilometers in a north-south direction from the BioBío Region to the Gulf of Penas in Aysén, an area covered with snow ten months a year, difficult to access due to the height, and a geography that boasts dense vegetation. … Read more

WhatsApp and discover features expected in the new Android 12 update

This period is witnessing a state of developments and updates sought by modern technology experts, as various applications from the field of competition are updated and new features that attract the beneficiary are added every period on smart devices, including one in the iOS system, and we recall that WhatsApp has offered some features Waiting … Read more

Discover the incredible new revelations about his death

On January 14, 1986, singer Daniel Balavoine died in a terrible helicopter crash in which he was not supposed to be. Beside him, the four other people on board were also killed. On Wednesday March 31, the TMC channel broadcast a documentary entitled “Daniel Balavoine, 35 years old already: his life, his battle”. An opportunity … Read more

Nurse and patient discover they won together at Mega da Virada

A nurse and one of his patients from Covid-19 were awarded at the Mega-Sena da Virada, drawn on December 31, 2020. The two did not win with a game together, they only met months later, in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo. The information is from UOL. Health professional Claudinei Pereira dos Santos, 30, … Read more

[SPOILER] – Discover Sofia’s crush – Tomorrow belongs to us

In the street, Manon accuses Sofia of having a crush on Quentin, the young man who tried to end his life. Sofia may well say that she only feels sorry for him, Manon does not believe it and continues to keep her in bed. Find “Tomorrow belongs to us” from Monday to Friday at 7:10 … Read more

Breakthrough in chronic pain management: scientists discover what causes pain

Photo Pexels An international team of seventeen pain experts has provided a new breakthrough in the management of chronic pain. “We discovered that hypersensitivity to pain is often the cause of all kinds of chronic pain,” says VUB professor Jo Nijs, who is in charge of the project. The researchers put forward a personal treatment … Read more

Tinder’s digital spin-off of tvN’On & Off’ helps stars discover their hobbies and meet new ones

‘Tinder’, a global social discovery app, supports new meetings of stars through Tinder in’Tinna On & Off’. Teenna On&Off is a series that is progressed through a digital spin-off of tvN’On & Off’, showing the appearance of stars on the screen and enjoying the off-life. In keeping with the untact era, teeny on-and-off is popular … Read more

Vania Bludau shocked to discover that Janet Barboza has Mario Irivarren as a wallpaper | SHOWS

Updated on 03/30/2021 04:59 pm HE WAS SPEECHLESS. Janet Barboza and Vania Bludau starred in a funny moment in the latest edition of ‘America hoy’ after Ethel Pozo threw out her driving partner and revealed that she had a photo of Mario irivarren on your cell phone, as a wallpaper. Ethel Pozo took Janet Barboza’s … Read more