World Cup fever: how much does a ticket cost to see Argentina-Netherlands – Argentina – Discover

World Cup fever is at its highest point: after Argentina beat Australia 2-1 – and their chances of going to the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup increased- many Argentines set out to find tickets to travel to Qatar. Alejandro Herrastileader of Airways Take off for Argentina and Uruguay, reported that the increase … Read more

Over seventy and without specializations: the Nas discover 165 irregular health workers supplied by the cooperatives

A Catania, in an emergency department, a coop employed doctors who had never specialized in the emergency and urgency sectors. The same that provided untitled auxiliary personnel to the Surgery Operational Unit but officially declaring it as Obs. TO Vercelli there were those who sent professionals over 70 to the hospital – an age higher … Read more

Israeli scientists discover the first stars in the universe

Only 200 million years after the Big Bang created the universe, the first galaxies were relatively small and dim – fainter than galaxies today – and probably only processed 5% or less of their gas into stars. These early galaxies also did not emit radio waves much more intensely than modern galaxies. This discovery was … Read more

Discover where the word “CUMIN” is located in the visual riddle that only some manage to solve – Enseñame de Ciencia

Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity is necessary to apply it in different environments, this neurobiological learning consists of acquiring knowledge and experience through various activities. It is the great capacity that the brain has to adapt to new situations, to be able to solve the structure and its functioning, it can change its structures throughout life … Read more

Scientists Discover Fossils of a Dinosaur T-rex’s Cousin, Lived 76 Million Years Ago – Fossil it was originally discovered several years ago in Montana, with researchers forced to extract it from beneath layers of solid rock. Reported from Sputnik Newsfossil remains dinosaur this may be related to Tyrannosaurus rex known and have been identified by researchers. Read Also: – Not Aliens, This is What the US Space … Read more

Scientists discover two rare minerals inside a meteorite that fell in Somalia | Varieties of the world | Saraya News Agency

Saraya – Scientists discovered two rare minerals inside a huge meteorite that fell in Somalia, and scientists described the minerals as “unprecedented on Earth.” The two new minerals were found inside a single piece of 70 grams that was sent to the University of Alberta for examination, taken from the “Al-Ali” meteorite, which collided with … Read more

He acquires a rock, only to discover that it is rarer than gold

About seven years ago, on a prospecting trip, in Maryborough Provincial Park near Melbourne, David Hall discovered a heavy reddish rock, lodged in the ground; He took it home and tried everything to break it, yet he could not crack it. Years later, Hall discovered that the rock was a rare meteorite. Melbourne Museum geologist … Read more

Scientists discover why black holes produce the brightest lights in the universe

Supermassive black holes are responsible for some of the brightest lights in the Universe. However, they are not the ones who produce these lights. What really produces their bright light is the material around them, as they actively suck in those materials. Among the brightest swirling hot materials are galaxies called blazars. Not only do … Read more

FIL Guadalajara 2022: An (incomplete) x-ray to discover what Latin America is reading

The Guadalajara Book Fair is these days –and until December 4– the largest meeting of editors, writers and readers in the world in Spanish, a good thermometer to find out what is being read on the continent. EL PAÍS has spoken with professionals from the sector to find out what books, what authors, what genres … Read more

Scientists discover that neutron stars are like giant cosmic bonbons – FayerWayer

For beginners and followers of science, there is no better way to understand a complex concept than with a simple, earthy example, How to compare neutron stars with chocolates. According to a report published on the website of Urban Technothis comparison borders on the minimum required to understand its structure, but it will surely invite … Read more