Near Earth, Scientists Discover New Multiplanetary System – A team of astronomers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in collaboration with other astronomers around the world, claims to have identified two rocky planets orbiting the stars, which are dubbed HD 260655b and 260655c. These planets are located in a system that is only 33 light years from Earth. According to … Read more

Astronomers discover the remains of small planets swallowed by Jupiter

Scientists have discovered that the interior of Jupiter consists of the remains of small planets that were devoured by the gas giant during its expansion to become the size it is today. The results come from the first visible display under the planet’s cloudy outer atmosphere. Despite being the largest planet in the Solar System, … Read more

Astronomers discover strange stellar spiral dust disk that resembles a miniature Milky Way | International | Newtalk News

Spiral dwarf galaxy NGC 5949 imaged by NASA with the Hubble Telescope. (Schematic) Image: ESA/Hubble & NASA A recent study in Nature Astronomy shows that astronomers have discovered a star 26,000 light-years away. The surrounding dust disk is a spiral pattern, and the entire star is like a mini Milky Way. The study mentioned that … Read more

Startling! Astronomers Discover New Cosmic Phenomenon at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

KOTAMBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Phenomenon space just happened again in the galaxy Milky Way. Space scientists have again discovered a supermassive black hole measuring 4 million times the mass of the Sun. Despite being 25,800 light-years away, the region is shrouded in thick clouds, dust and gas that obscure some of the light’s wavelengths. … Read more

Terrified! Resident Evil 7 fans discover their terrifying horror after returning to the game again!

Monday 27 June B.E. 2022 19:00 minutes 50 seconds Indochina time Back in 2017 games Resident Evil 7 Create a new phenomenon for the RE series again by continuing the story through Ethan Winters and the Baker family Plus, this part also brings horror and brutality to the fullest, making the fans very happy. Recently, … Read more

Discover the new face of Guylaine Guay!

New hair change alert! With the beautiful season slowly setting in, Guylaine Guay needed a little wind of change. Yes, the one we were able to discover more in depth in the second season of Big Brother Celebrities has decided to change its look, with the arrival of summer… and the continuous humidity of the … Read more

Astronomers Discover Earth’s Neighbor Multiplanet System, Jakarta – Tim astronomer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in collaboration with other astronomers around the world have identified two rocky planets orbiting the star HD 260655. These planets are apparently about 33 light years from Earth. Collect GizchinaThursday (23/7/2022), based on data and estimates, the planetsplanet It is rocky and has … Read more

My name is Vera and I discover tax evaders

My name is Vera and I discover tax evaders. Through the integrated use of the information communicated by the financial operators to the Archive of financial reports and of the other elements present in the Tax Register, the new software application available to the Revenue Agency will allow the preparation of specific centralized selective lists … Read more

Researchers discover new ‘star system’ for blue stars

A new class of star systems have been identified, which are not really galaxies and exist only in isolation, according to researchers at the University of Arizona. The new star system contains only light blue stars, which are distributed in an irregular pattern and appear to exist in surprising isolation from possible parent galaxies. Also … Read more

They discover a cryoprotectant that could extend the life of organs in transplants

A group of Australian scientists has found a new cryoprotective agent capable of preserving human cells longer, opening a way to improve the preservation of vital organs for medical transplants, academic sources reported Wednesday. Cryopreservation, which helps preserve cells for a long time at low temperatures, is key in assisted reproduction treatments or stem cell … Read more