Perseverance rover discovers traces of life on Mars?

As you know, the surface of Mars has a slightly reddish tone. However, NASA’s Perseverance rover found “islands” of magenta among the rusty hues. At almost every site he visited, the Martian palette included purple-colored rocks. The enigmatic paint forms a thin, smooth coating on some rocks, while spatter-like spots appear on others. Some stones … Read more

An art historian discovers that the painting for which he barely paid 80 euros is a real ‘van dyck’ | Culture

This is a perfect story to show that a headline can sometimes be true but not accurate; and a painting can be original, without ever knowing if it is 100% original. When the art historian Christopher Wright worked in a London library, back in 1976, he earned 20 pounds a week (about 23 euros today). … Read more

BRIN Discovers a New Type of Fern in Papua New Guinea

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Plant ferns (pteridophytes) with a new type of Deparia stellate, recently discovered by researchers from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Wita Wardani. The fern was found by Wita in the forest interior of the Bintang Mountains of Papua New Guinea. Wita, who is a researcher in the field of … Read more

Yves discovers anti-Semitic inscriptions on his mail: “I tremble just talking about it”

He sent mail to Israel for Belgium: the item was not delivered but came back covered with anti-Jewish insults. Between Rishon LeZion, south of Tel Aviv, and Anderlecht, in Belgium, it will be difficult to identify the author of this new act of anti-Semitism which outrages, revolts and worries. What Yves Biron, driving school teacher … Read more

Incredible! A Venezuelan boy discovers an asteroid and NASA confirms it

UNITED STATES.- Recently it has been reported that Miguel Rojas, a 13-year-old Venezuelan boy discovered a new asteroid. Given this, the data has already been reviewed by the NASA and other organizations to confirm this. A) Yes, “2021GG40”Is the rocky object that had not been glimpsed before and the feat has already gone down in … Read more

Just 13 Years Old, Miguel Rojas Discovers Asteroids

Miguel Rojas is only 13 years old, but loves to read books on physics and black holes. He also enjoys studying the solar system, galaxies, and the universe. <!– –> <!– –> His passion for studying astronomy enabled Miguel to analyze spatial images until he discovered new asteroids, which no one else had seen before. … Read more

“Here everything begins” of December 30, 2021: Enzo blackmailed Louis and Charlene discovers the truth

“Here everything begins” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 304 of Thursday, December 30, 2021. In your daily series, Louis is in bad shape. Enzo blackmailed him. And Clotilde refuses Antoine to hire Laetitia as an assistant. Advertising The detailed summary of episode 303 of Wednesday, December 29 from Here It All Begins … Read more

Hydrogen and renewables, Namibia discovers how lush a desert is

“Now, suddenly, the desert has become precious.” The statement by Finance Minister Ipumbu Shimi sums up the interest that Namibia is arousing at an international level. The constant presence of the sun and the strong wind, have allowed it to win the attention for the great potential of renewable energy that it is able to … Read more