Quinté+: The pro of the day – Pierre Louis Desaunette: “Gamble River discovers a good entry”

“Jolie de Cortem (503) was not seen to his advantage on April 7 at Vincennes, in a claiming race. We then realized that she was ill. She came back in good spirits and should do much better this time. It has no margin at this level but can take up a place at the end … Read more

American mother takes DNA test “for fun” and discovers that she has had a child with a stranger for years

A family portrait with mum Donna, dad Vanner and the children Junior and Tim.Photo: rr Getting a DNA test is a piece of cake these days, but the results can be quite shocking. American Donna Johnson and her family had their DNA tested “for fun” and made a very disturbing discovery. Donna Johnson and her … Read more

Google discovers a defect in the microphone when using WhatsApp

Google said it had discovered a bug in the Android system that caused incorrect privacy notifications, and it appeared as if WhatsApp was accessing the device’s microphone even when the app was not in use. A spokesman for the company said that it is working to fix the error in the Android system, not in … Read more

Hubble discovers newborn planets hidden in the dancing shadows

This artist’s concept is based on Hubble Space Telescope images of disks of gas and dust around the young star TW Hydrae. Hubble Space Telescope images show shadows engulfing the disks that surround the system. The explanation is that these shadows come from slightly inclined inner disks that prevent starlight from reaching the outer disk, … Read more

Hubble discovers a newborn planet hidden in dancing shadows

This artist’s concept is based on Hubble Space Telescope images of a disk of gas and dust around the young star TW Hydrae. This Hubble Space Telescope image shows the shadow enveloping the disk surrounding the system. The explanation is that this shadow comes from a slightly tilted inner disk which prevents starlight from reaching … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Discovers a Distant Planet in Formation

MADRID, 25 Abr. (EUROPA PRESS) – The existence of a previously unknown forming exoplanet has been confirmed using machine learning tools to detect it. A study conducted at the University of Georgia (UGA) shows that this technique can correctly determine whether an exoplanet is present by looking at protoplanetary disks, the gas around newly formed … Read more

“Verviers is a disaster”: Raphaël discovers a huge hole in the place of the terrace of his café

A café owner from Verviers had a very bad surprise. Following the flood damage, work has (finally) begun around its establishment. But, he had not been warned and finds himself today with a huge hole in place of his terrace. The terrace of the St Raph café has completely disappeared. Today, a footbridge gives access … Read more