After being dragged into the case of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, the figure of Rita Sorcha’s ex-husband is discussed

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, JAKARTA – AKP Rita Sorcha Yuliana is in the public spotlight. Because the beautiful woman was dragged into the vortex of cases police shoot police. As is known, the initial scenario is Brigadier Joshua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J killed by Bharada Ebecause he was caught sexually harassing Princess Candrawati, wife Inspector General Ferdy Sambo … Read more

Jokowi Orders RKUHP Again to be Discussed with the Community

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo ordered his subordinates to re-discuss the Draft Criminal Code (KUHP).RKUHP) with the community. Jokowi wants the public to really understand the RKUHP. He emphasized that there were 14 issues that were highlighted in the RKUHP. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT “We were asked [oleh Presiden Jokowi] to discuss … Read more

Blinken and Lavrov “openly” discussed the EP prisoners and Ukraine

“We talked openly and directly. I pressured the Kremlin to accept the essential proposal we submitted,” A. Blinken told reporters. On Wednesday, A. Blinken said he planned to contact S. Lavrov in order to free the two Americans – the basketball star Brittney Griner and ex-Marine Paul Whelan, and to implement a proposal made a … Read more

The chancellor of the government discussed the situation of refugees from Ukraine with the delegation of the Red Cross

“In the face of aggression, Lithuania supports Ukraine and provides it with support, and the work of non-governmental organizations in this area is particularly important, so we hope to continue to cooperate effectively,” the Chancellor is quoted as saying in the report. The chancellor met with Stephane Michaud, head of the cluster delegation of the … Read more

WHO decision is discussed in monkey pox: What has changed, but ‘red alert’ has been issued

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> The ‘red alert’ (global emergency) given by the World Health Organization means the next step before the pandemic. 16 thousand cases have been seen so far monkey flower 5 deaths occurred in the virus. prof. Dr. Serap Şimşek stated that 2 cases were detected in Turkey and that these cases were not of foreign … Read more

Biden has discussed Khashoggi’s assassination in talks with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

ASV the president Joe Biden announced that he had discussed the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in talks with Saudi Arabia kroņprinci Mohammedu bin Salmanu. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “He basically said he was not personally responsible [par šo slepkavību]. I indicated that I thought he was [atbildīgs],” Biden said. “I was … Read more

Genshin Impact Becomes the Most Discussed Game on Twitter for the Middle of 2022 • Jagat Play

Indeed, there are many ways to measure how popular a video game is in the gaming industry. The easiest way, of course, is to see how many copies are sold in a certain period of time, which clearly translates gamers’ interest in the product. Another barometer can be seen from the number of live-streams and … Read more

‘The placebo effect should be discussed in the doctor’s office’

Prof. dr. Dr Andrea Evers, professor of health psychology at Leiden University and Scientific Director of the Institute of Psychology, conducts research into the placebo effect, among other things. She talks about its applications in practice and the advantages it can offer. Psychoneurobiological influences on health and disease cover a broad field, says Evers. “It … Read more

The USA begins to apply the sanctions discussed at the G7 summit to Russia :: Dienas Bizness

It is planned for Russia to impose a similar import ban on trade, as has already been applied to Belarus, said Valdis Dombrovskis, executive vice president of the European Commission (EC), in an interview. He also pointed out that the so-called G-7 countries could deprive Russia and Belarus of the most favorable regime in trade. … Read more

Milota or creepy? The trailer of the film about Cheburashka is discussed online

The trailer of the film about Cheburashka is discussed in social networks. The video showed how the animal, familiar to many from Soviet cartoons, will look like. This image divided users into 2 camps. Some liked Cheburashka, others saw in him the likeness of an ugly Sonic. June 20, 2022 on Central Partnership came out … Read more