Giusy Ferreri, the disease that brought her under the knife: “A heart malformation that ..”

Giusy Ferreri talks for the first time about the disease that forced her to end up practically under the knife: “A heart malformation”. Giusy Ferreri it is the idol of the little girls who lived their adolescence especially in the second 10 years of the 2000s, considering the hits that have been baked at a … Read more

Campaign “Lung cancer does not take a vacation” alerts to signs and symptoms of the disease

For most Portuguese, August is a month of vacation, it’s a time of rest, beach and sun, to recharge your batteries. While it is true that a lot of things stop during the holidays, health should not be put on hold during this period. Thus, it is important not to underestimate signs and symptoms that … Read more

Recognize 4 Early Symptoms of Diabetes Early on, Easy to Get Hungry One of them

PALOPO JOURNAL- Diabetes is one disease chronic disease, which is characterized by increased levels of sugar in the blood. Diabetes is disease which lasts in the long term. Everyone will not realize if he is affected diabetes or not. Before discussing further about disease Diabetes, you should know first symptom which arises, is quoted Palopo … Read more

Isabella Ferrari, the very rare disease that attacked her: “I can’t move my legs anymore”

Isabella Ferrari tells of the very rare disease that attacked her: “I can hardly move my legs anymore”. Isabella Ferrari she is undoubtedly one of the most loved and appreciated actresses in the world of Italian cinema. Born in 1964, Isabella after being elected Miss Teenager at 15, begins to approach the world of music, … Read more

New corona card European Center for Disease Prevention with more dark red in Spain

MADRID – As every week, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on Thursday adjusted the map of Europe, which shows green, red and orange colors indicating the corona situation in areas or countries. Countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium base their travel advice partly on this map and the information from … Read more

It is enough to drink this water regularly to lower high blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease

Water is very important for our body. This may seem obvious, but it is not. Although this fact will leave some people stunned, not all water is the same. There are waters more or less rich in sodium, such as waters with more or less high iron concentrations. Choosing the right water for us is … Read more

Few buy them but these are the 2 best drinks to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Nutrition is essential for leading a healthy and long life. Often we do not pay attention to it, but nutrition includes not only the food but also the drinks we consume. As explained in a previous one item, there are foods and drinks that can be harmful if we suffer from diseases such as hyperthyroidism. … Read more

Eva Máziková is fighting an insidious disease: She was diagnosed with white CANCER!

The charismatic singer is always in a great mood and brings a smile to her face everywhere she steps. Unfortunately, Eva Máziková is now going through a difficult period – doctors have diagnosed her with an insidious disease. The 71-year-old blonde visited the doctor because she noticed that she had a different skin tone on … Read more

The coronavirus risk group is changing! Experts explained: Covid is now the disease of the unvaccinated! – News

Covid is now the disease of the unvaccinated! After the long holiday, the number of coronavirus cases increased. Emphasizing that the vaccine plays a major role in getting rid of the epidemic, the authorities call for vaccinations for those who are not vaccinated. Experts say that the shape-shifting coronavirus now affects young people more and … Read more

Stomach Acid Disease and How to Treat It

Disease stomach acid It is a disease that many people complain about. This disease comes to anyone and knows no age. This disease causes disturbances in the digestive organs that make it uncomfortable. Stomach acid does not come without a reason, there are several foods that can sometimes trigger this disease. Symptoms of this disease … Read more