It became clear why Alzheimer’s disease is more common in women

Scientists have identified a gene that may explain why women are more prone to Alzheimer’s disease than men. It was noteworthy that the same gene did not have such an effect in men. Release: 17:11 – 02 July 2022 Dementia is twice as common in women as in men. Scientists also focused on this … Read more

The risk of degenerative valve disease is higher for people with diabetes

Self-report. Previous studies have shown that diabetes is associated with an increased risk of left-sided heart valve disease. However, there is a lack of knowledge about whether cardiometabolic risk factors contribute to stenoses and insufficiency among individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This was studied in a national cohort study with a 20-year … Read more

‘Cancer is not a disease of affluence’ – Innovation Origins

Professor Gerard Bos and his company CiMaas develop a vaccine and killer cells against cancer in their lab. The knowledge is there, now it is a matter of time and above all money. Leukemia patients could already be treated at the beginning of 2023. In his office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen there … Read more

‘Parkinson is the fastest growing brain disease in the world’ – Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad

Neurologist Bas Bloem will receive the Stevin Prize of 2.5 million euros this year for his research into Parkinson’s disease. He tells what is known about the disease, his own research, and the follow-up research that he will do with the money into sports in relation to Parkinson’s and prevention of the brain disease. On … Read more

Having Herpes Zoster Infectious Disease on the Face, Is It Dangerous?

Herpes zoster on the face that is not treated immediately can cause serious complications. – Illness herpes zoster is a hot topic on social media. After a man uploaded a video of himself suffering from the disease. In the video uploaded on TikTok, the man initially thought that the lump on his face was … Read more

4 Diseases That Are Identical to the Transition Season

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Transition season occurs during the transition from the dry season to the rainy season or vice versa. Changes in air and temperature affect the body more or less because it will automatically try hard to adjust to the surrounding temperature. At that time immunity or the body’s resistance to the cause disease … Read more

Horrified, this man is infected with a rare venereal disease that doesn’t work with antibiotics

Super gonorrhea causes Austrian men to complain of pain when urinating. – Changing sex partners is at risk of causing health problems, one of which is sexually transmitted infection (IMS). An Austrian man diagnosed with the lion king or super gonorrhoea which is rare. This 50-year-old man was infected after having sex with a … Read more

‘I am convinced that body dysmorphic disorder is a chronic disease because the delusional belief persists’

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Is it comparable to low self-esteem? “Body dysmorphic disorder should not be confused with low self-esteem, although there is certainly a correlation,” Vulink said. “To be able to speak of body dysmorphic disorder, international criteria must be met that have been drawn up on the basis of medical-psychiatric studies into … Read more

Natural remedy for Alzheimer’s disease! Miraculous food that renews memory… – Gallery

Memory problems are one of the most common problems in recent years. Problems such as forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, weakness, short-term and long-term inability to remember the past show that cognitive abilities are weakened. The causes of memory problems vary from person to person. According to the researches, some foods act as a natural medicine against Alzheimer’s … Read more

Fan, Rongrong – To investigate hepatocyte and liver macrophage remodeling in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) progression

Background Obesity increases both the risk and mortality of liver cancer. The development of obesity-induced liver cancer is usually initiated by lipid accumulation in the liver and is followed by hepatitis, liver fibrosis, shrinkage and then cancer. It is unclear how this process develops at the molecular level. Recent advances in DNA technology allow for … Read more