The most brutal murder of Jack the Ripper. They knew the disfigured woman only through their eyes

When London police arrived at the apartment on the morning of November 9, 1888, where the landlord found the murdered subtenant Mary Jane Kelly, they were probably given the worst look of their careers. She was unrecognizable This was despite the fact that in previous weeks they had found other brutally murdered women on the … Read more

Reggio Calabria, Halloween night ends in brawl: young man hit by a bottle and disfigured [FOTO]

From the party to total chaos: a boy, who was celebrating with his friends, was hit in the face by a glass bottle. As many as 20 stitches on the lip, the complaint with a post on social media Tragedy touched on in the evening of Halloween a Reggio Calabria. A party organized for the … Read more

Linda Evangelista: Did the “disfigured” model rely too much on her appearance?

A lot of ink has been spilled over the past few days by model Linda Evangelista. • Read also: “Disfigured” by aesthetic treatment, Linda Evangelista claims 50 million dollars in compensation • Read also: Linda Evangelista “irreparably disfigured” The Canadian supermodel has claimed $ 50 million from a company responsible for cosmetic surgery she suffered … Read more

a monstrous compensation – Libero Quotidiano

Linda Evangelista disfigured and reduced to the pavement he asked $ 50 million in compensation to the company responsible for the cosmetic treatment from 5 years ago which deformed it during the lawsuit filed At the federal court from New York. In a post on Instagram, the 90s fashion icon who, with Naomi Campbell, Claudia … Read more

The model Linda Evangelista was “brutally disfigured” after an aesthetic treatment

The Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista (56) made public the great problem that has accompanied her for five years and that has kept her away from public and professional life. The mannequin, one of the great models of the 90s together with Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell, revealed that she is “unrecognizable” after undergoing an aesthetic … Read more

“Disfigured” by aesthetic care, a top model claims 50 million dollars in compensation

She said this week to have been “irreparably disfigured” by a cosmetic treatment that went wrong five years ago, in a message to her more than 980,000 subscribers on Instagram. Supposed to be slimming, Zeltiq’s “CoolSculpting” treatment had the opposite effect of multiplying his fat cells, thus modifying his face. It uses the technique of … Read more

Disfigured and withdrawn after cryolipolysis

Taking action against small fat deposits with cold has been a cosmetic trend for years. Now the supermodel Linda Evangelista is going to court after an intervention. According to doctors, the phenomenon is apparently insufficiently recorded. The supermodel Linda Evangelista was photographed next to Giorgio Armani in 1990. image ran. Freezing off fat is a … Read more

Cosmetic surgeries leave model Linda Evangelista ″ brutally disfigured ″ | The World | DW

Supermodel Linda Evangelista, 56, is “unrecognizable” after being “brutally disfigured” as a result of cosmetic medical treatment, as she explains herself on her Instagram account. Linda Evangelista denounces having been “permanently deformed” after the cryolipolysis (an intervention to reduce fat) to which she underwent had the opposite effect, she explains in a statement entitled “The … Read more

Top Model 10 – metamorphosis of participants. Olga cut short. Has she been disfigured?

The fourth episode of the jubilee 10th edition of “Top Model” is behind us. There was no shortage of emotions, tears and fierce competition, which already at this stage had to end with the elimination of one of the participants. Kacper has finished his adventure with the TVN show. In the last episode of “Top … Read more

the floods disfigured the edges of Vesdre for tens of kilometers

It is no longer possible to connect Chênée, south of Liège, to Eupen by taking the road that runs along the Vesdre, without being diverted to the heights. Houses completely or partially destroyed, now uninhabited because they are uninhabitable, car wrecks, road under construction: the floods in mid-July disfigured the villages for miles. The damage … Read more