plantations discovered in the houses that the Sérésien rented in Neupré, Sprimont and Dison

“Following a bankruptcy, I experienced financial difficulties. I borrowed money from acquaintances and I was unable to repay,” explained the sixty-something. A certain Patrick would then have offered him a solution to erase his debt. “He offered me to rent accommodation in my name so that he could put people there while waiting for them … Read more

Two accidents and huge queues on the E42 in Dison, then Verviers

An accident occurred on the E42 near Dison, in the Verviers – Battice direction, this Wednesday, around 2 p.m. According to the Belgian federal police, the situation is dangerous. A car was across the highway and the right lane is obstructed. This quickly caused queues to Lambermont. The traffic jams rose beyond the Verviers sud … Read more

Double accident on the E42 motorway in Dison and Verviers

This Wednesday afternoon was somewhat hectic on the E42 motorway in the direction of Spa towards Battice. First of all, around 2 p.m., a first accident occurred on this highway at the Dison exit. There, a car was across the highway and the emergency services intervened to free it. Unfortunately, a little later, an additional … Read more

Photographed stealing a girl’s bike in Dison, the thieves retrace their steps and bring it back

In the age of social networks, taking photos of thieves can pay off, even if it is strictly forbidden… ******* ******* ** ***** ** ******* ** ****** ********* ** ****** ** **** *** ** ******* ****** ** ********** ** ****** *** *********** *** ****** *** ******* *** ************ **** ***** ***** **** ** ***** *** … Read more

Three fires overnight in Verviers and Dison, including a van and a truck

The firefighters of the Vesdre, Hoëgne & Plateau area intervened following the fire of a van in the center of Verviers, rue de la Banque, on the night of Thursday to Friday at 0:42 a.m. “A nearby vehicle was also affected by the fire,” said firefighters. 10 firefighters were on the scene. The van is … Read more

77-year-old horse farm boss from Dison takes advantage of young girl’s passion for horse riding to rape her

Giovanni Berton, a 77-year-old man from Dison, was sentenced by the Verviers criminal court on Friday to a nine-year prison term. The court found him guilty of sexual offenses against an 11-year-old girl. Read also “For the same price I could have stayed there”: Hasan Aydin, the ex-president of the CPAS of Verviers, hit by … Read more