Did J-Ax and Fedez make peace? The singer’s gesture displaces the fans

What are the relationships between Fedez and J-Ax? For a long time, the two have gone through a period in which they have not heard from each other. In fact there was a certain tension that resulted in a situation of frost between one and the other. It is not immediately clear what were the … Read more

Spanish League Results – A landslide victory over Granada, Sevilla displaces Barcelona in second place

CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP Diego Carlos celebrates after scoring against Granada in the 31st Jornada match of the 2021-2022 Spanish League. BOLASPORT.COM – Victory Sevilla on Granada make them displace Barcelona in second place on the standings board Spanish League 2021-2022. Spanish League 2021-2022 enters its 31st week by opening it through a match between Sevilla oppose … Read more

Draghi disputed in the Rione Sanità in Naples, the clamorous gesture of the premier displaces everyone – Il Tempo

29 March 2022 Mario Draghi’s first time in Naples as prime minister did not go unnoticed. The premier has arrived in the city to sign the “Pact for Naples”, with which the government allocates 1 billion 231 million euros to restore the municipality’s deficit budget. The signing of the pact took place at the Maschio … Read more

Delta Sidoarjo Men Striker M Adam Malik Displaces Farmel FC Stickers Sehabudin Ahmad in Top Score of National League 3

Suaramerdeka-Muria.com- Three goals or hat-tricks scored striker Son of Delta Sidoarjo M Adam Malik | in the semifinal match National 3 LeagueSunday 27 March 2022, drove him to displace attacker Farmel FC Sehabudin Ahmad from the top top shoes temporary. The additional three goals made Mochamad Adam Malik | packed 10 goals. That number outperforms … Read more

“Virginia Raggi disastrous, however …”, as the whole Pd – Libero Quotidiano displaces

08 October 2021 “I consider the administrative experience of Rome to be disastrous. But I feel I have to pay the honor of arms to Virginia Raggi. I have seen her face her battle with determination, openly, with an assumption of responsibility. alone on the evening of the elections, while the 5 stars came to … Read more