Windows 8.1 will display end-of-support warning to encourage users to upgrade to an updated system – Hong Kong

The world is full of feasts, and the operating system will also end its support one day. Microsoft Windows 8.1 will begin displaying an end-of-support warning, reminding users to upgrade to a newer system to continue receiving support. Windows 8 ended support as early as 2016, but Windows 8.1 will not be fully supported until … Read more

Samsung Galaxy F13 with 6,000mAh battery and Full HD+ display will be launched in India on June 22 – GBS News

Samsung Galaxy F15 will be launched in India next week. After hinting at the launch on Flipkart a few days ago, the company has now confirmed the phone’s launch date. The Samsung Galaxy F 12 will be launched in India on the 22nd. The launch event will take place at 000 next Wednesday noon. Ahead … Read more

IN PICTURES | Cast of Jimi Hendrix’s penis on display in Iceland

The National Phallus Museum in Reykjavik has just added a new prestigious artifact to its vast collection: a plaster cast of the erect penis of legendary American guitarist Jimi Hendrix. • Read also: Discovery of a treasure dating back to ancient Rome The member of the star now occupies a prominent place among the some … Read more

They display the messages that Piqu never replied to Shakira

Shakira y Gerard Piqu they ended their relationship of almost 12 years with a joint statement, this after in Spain the news of an alleged infidelity from a Barcelona footballer. Neither of them has commented on the matter, but after several days, speculation and versions that affirm what happened continue to come to light. The … Read more

One month of mobile phone price display system… still in violation

[산업일보]It was found that the ‘cell phone price display system’ implemented by the government this year is still not being followed in some dealerships and stores. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy announced on the 9th and 20th of last month that 16 local governments and 16 local governments jointly inspected the implementation of the mobile … Read more

RDNA 2 internal display “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” hard to 60 frames, Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED thin and light notebook performance measured

The Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED thin and light notebook weighs only 1KG. It is equipped with an 8-core 16-thread AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor and a Radeon 680M built-in graphics chip with 12 sets of computing units, bringing significant game performance improvement. Zen 3+ architecture debuts The laptop model tested this time is Zenbook … Read more

Anri Sakaguchi “Bold Love Love Photos” Released One After Another Hugging a Kiss, Face-to-face … “Lovely Husband” Happiness Explosion: J-CAST News[Full Text Display]

Former talent Anri Sakaguchi, who announced her enrollment on June 8, 2022, has been firing a series of slapsticks on Instagram Stories. According to Mr. Sakaguchi’s Instagram post, the marriage partner is Mr. Shinichi, a fighter. She is also the store manager at a bar in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. From Shinichi’s Instagram (@ shin1_king) From Anri … Read more

“CASETiFY x Pomato” launched an exclusive series of joint accessories, APM branch has a limited display area | Mobile Information | Post76 Entertainment Network

Pomato, a popular local online creative team, has always been popular with young people. This time, together with the mobile phone accessories brand CASETiFY, they launched a series of mobile phone cases and accessories, providing a good opportunity for fans to see each other day and night. Since its inception, “Pomato”, composed of young local … Read more