Six wonderful things that make you in Saudi Arabia buy HUAWEI MateView and only display screen العرض

6 factors that make HUAWEI MateView the preferred standalone display for 2021 in Saudi Arabia. It is very important to enjoy immersive experiences, whether while working on preparing important documentation or even watching an interesting cinematic work. Smaller phones, such as portable computers, tablets and smart phones, allow us to be connected to the network … Read more

“iPad mini 6 with mini LED display”

Apple’s iPad mini 6, which is expected to be released this fall, is expected to be equipped with a mini LED display. Taiwan’s DigiTimes recently reported that Apple’s supply partners will supply mini LED backlight units for MacBook Pro and iPad mini to be released in the third quarter. Next-generation iPad mini rendering (Photo=FrontPageTech website) … Read more

Olympic Organizing Committee criticized “recognition through news reports” and “teacher bullying”, declined picture book writer Nobumi … Many government offices have been appointed in the past: J-CAST News[Full text display]

The official website of the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival, a cultural program for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, was updated on July 20, 2021, and it was revealed that picture book writer Nobumi, who is scheduled to participate in the event, will decline to appear. Past works and remarks on SNS were controversial over Nobumi. … Read more

Samsung Launches “The Wall” microLED Display with Enhanced Features : Okezone techno

JAKARTA– Technology company from South Korea, Samsung has launched its commercial microLED display, The Wall to the global market, Monday (19/7/2021). Not only that, it revealed that the screen also comes with increased features. Launch page Yonhap, (19/7/2021) for its new upgrade, Samsung reveals the display is now equipped with an enhanced micro artificial intelligence … Read more

The upcoming iPhone 13 series comes with Always-On Display.. Learn about its features

date of publication: July 19, 2021 7:18 GMT Update date: July 19, 2021 10:20 GMT A report by the American “Bloomberg” agency revealed a feature that will be added to the upcoming iPhone 13 series of phones. The report said that the upcoming “iPhone” series will contain the Always-On feature Source: Enas El-Sayed – Erm … Read more

iPhone 13 is apparently the first to receive a display with always-on function

LTPO OLED display shows information on screen off 1 Min. read News 19.07.2021 / Robin Cromberg Image: Frederik Lipfert / Unsplash The LTPO OLED display should finally give the iPhone 13 an always-on function in addition to a variable refresh rate. The September release should be adhered to this year. The iPhone 13 series is … Read more

Analyst suggests always-on display for iPhone 13

The new iPhones that appear in September may have an always on display. So says Apple watcher Mark Gurman. The analyst made his prediction in ‘Power On‘, a weekly newsletter from Bloomberg. “The 2021 iPhone may have an always-on display, like that of an Apple Watch,” Gurman noted. A stronger battery should make that possible. … Read more

Bloomberg: New iPhones will get always-on display this year – Tablets and phones – News

The iPhones that come out in 2021 may get an always-on display. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reports this based on his own sources. The phones would also get a smaller notch in the screen. Bloomberg writes that the upcoming iPhones will get a new screen, which should enable an “Apple Watch-like always-on mode”. That’s what … Read more

Samsung’s massive 1000 ” MicroLED display features enhanced colors and a slimmer design

Samsung lance New version of The WallLarge modular MicroLED display. The new “IWA Series” display measures over 1,000 inches and is aimed at businesses and commercial applications rather than homes, and Samsung’s promotional images show it being used as a giant screen in a retail environment. detail. The display is available in “certain markets” as … Read more

Apple to release MacBook Pro with MiniLED display this fall

Well-known journalist and tech-insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that Apple will unveil new MacBook Pro laptops with MiniLED displays between September and November. This is in line with a statement by authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said a few weeks ago that Apple will officially unveil the MacBook Pro with new displays in the … Read more