Exhibition of Anita Paegle’s drawings «Riga cats» is on display at the Art Nouveau Center / Article

“The cats of Riga, by number, there could be about 400, if someone comes and counts; and there are about the same number left at home,” says the artist about what can be seen in the exhibition. Cats are an important image in the works of artist Anita Paegle. In this exhibition, they have come … Read more

The curved display in the smartphone is now available to everyone

If we consider the evolution of smartphones before the advent of frameless and foldable devices, for many years they did not change much. The diagonals of the displays have been increased, the plastic has been replaced with noble metal and glass, and new tactile sensations have been presented. However, globally, since 2008, the appearance of … Read more

This display technology can replace OLED and LCD

NanoLED technology does not require organic diodes or backlighting, since the pixels themselves are made up of electrically activated quantum dots. The result is a top-quality display, which, due to its simplicity, is theoretically much cheaper to manufacture than the panels common today. In recent years, we have seen countless important innovations in the display … Read more

The World of Warcraft patch broke the display of effects. Blizzard continues to surprise with technical problems

A new patch for World of Warcraft Dragonflight brings new challenges. Developers do not let you get bored The World of Warcraft Dragonflight community has been complaining about more technical issues since the recent patch. For some reason, the display of some effects broke. World of Warcraft Dragonflight players have shown several examples of this … Read more

“The chocolate bar is getting smaller” also spreads … Three major companies deny The contributor acknowledges the error and apologizes “I tweeted only with memory”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

In 2015, 18, and 21 years, the bar chocolate is getting smaller and smaller. Such an untrue Twitter post spread. Meiji (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Lotte (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), and Morinaga (Minato-ku, Tokyo), major confectionery makers, told J-CAST News that the amount of bar chocolate has decreased since 2015. I denied there was. The poster, who was pointed … Read more

Who is the WBC Japan National Team “wanted to be selected”? The name of the star who won first place as a result of the reader’s vote: J-CAST News[full text display]

On January 25, 2023, Manager Hideki Kuriyama of the Japan National Baseball Team (Samurai Japan) announced the 30 members who will face the WBC (World Baseball Classic) starting in March. While top players such as Major League Angels pitcher Shohei Otani and Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami infielder who hit 56 home runs in the Central League … Read more

2-inch OLED display panel and pluggable switch design, ROG Azoth 75% wireless mechanical keyboard hands-on play

The price is not close to the people, but after the actual experience, you may feel that it is worth it. After ROG Falchion 65% wireless mechanical keyboard, ASUS launched a brand new 3-mode wireless mechanical keyboard – ROG Azoth at the end of 2022. ROG Azoth is a 75% 3-mode wireless mechanical keyboard. The … Read more

Samsung Display launches OLED display panel with touch function of Galaxy S series mobile phones, which will be used in new laptops- mashdigi-Technology, New Products, Interests, Trends

Samsung Display recently announcedIntroduced OLED display panel with touch function for notebookso that more notebooks can not only support more vivid and natural color screen display functions, but also respond to more sensitive touch operation functions. It is expected to enter mass production in mid-January this year. In this display panel, Samsung Display uses a … Read more

The sales floor for “Oni goods” for Setsubun is “Shuraba” Popular competition (refreshing): J-CAST TV watch[full text display]

“It’s a competition for Setsubun goods,” announcer Keisuke Mori cut out in “Sukkiri” on January 24 (January 2023), as customers flooded in for Setsubun goods sold for a limited time by the miscellaneous goods chain “3COINS.” topic. Happy Setsubun (picture is an image) Hiromi: “3COINS, which sells this for 550 yen, is really amazing.” “3COINS” … Read more