The astonishing Hubble telescope images of the most distant planets

You don’t have to consult the man who gives the weather forecast to know which way the wind blows on Jupiter. The sharp view of the Hubble Space Telescope is enough, which offers us a close-up of the knots of caramel-colored clouds and storms visible on the face of the largest planet in the solar … Read more

One in five distant galaxies are still hidden from telescopes

MADRID, 23 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – Astronomers at the Cosmic Dawn Center at the University of Copenhagen have discovered two previously invisible galaxies in the more distant universe. The light of these two invisible galaxies, which have been named REBELS-12-2 and REBELS-29-2, has traveled around 13,000 million years to reach us. Their discovery suggests that … Read more

The discovery of an element found in our bones and toothpaste in a distant galaxy! | Mix

AMMAN — A new discovery has shed light on how fluorine, an element found in bones and teeth like fluoride, is formed in the universe. Using the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, known as ‘ALMA’, a team of astronomers has detected this element in a galaxy so far away, that its light … Read more

They found in a distant galaxy a chemical element that makes up our bones and teeth

Artist’s impression of the galaxy NGP – 190387 the farthest place where astronomers have detected fluorine. A study published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy ensures that the presence of fluorine was detected in large gas clouds in the galaxy NGP-190387, located more than 12,000 million light years from our planet. It is the first … Read more

White dwarfs told how distant exoplanets differ from Earth

The chemical composition of rocky exoplanets is likely more diverse than previously thought, the journal reports. Nature Communications… Astronomers were prompted to this conclusion by observing the so-called white dwarfs. White dwarfs are the remnants of old stars that, having used up their entire supply of nuclear energy, first expand, forming red giants, and then … Read more

They detect an element that exists in our teeth in a distant galaxy

Hubble telescope achieves image of intense war between galaxies 0:50 (CNN) — We really are made of stars, as astronomer Carl Sagan once said. For the first time, astronomers have detected an element found in our bodies in a galaxy that is more than 12 billion light-years away. The element, fluorine, can be found in … Read more

How will our solar system end? A distant planet offers suggestions

A darkened planet surrounding the faint remnant of a burned-out star about 6,000 light-years from Earth shows what our solar system will look like at the end of its existence, astronomers say. The distant survivor, described in a study released last week In the journal Nature, it appears to be a gas giant similar to … Read more

“Incredible milestone”: NASA successfully launches a space mission that will study the distant Trojan asteroids of Jupiter (VIDEO)

Published: 16 oct 2021 19:13 GMT Over the next 12 years, Lucy is set to fly alongside a main belt asteroid and seven Trojan asteroids, making it the agency’s first mission to explore so many different asteroids. NASA has successfully launched the space mission this Saturday Lucy, which for the next 12 years will study … Read more