Whatever your body type, your curves will stand out in this outfit! A well-known stylist divided women’s shapes according to categories, which category do you belong to?

A well-known New York stylist divided the female figure into several types according to height, silhouette and facial features 40 years ago. How to dress to make your figure stand out and what should you rather avoid? You’re probably familiar with the female body split that’s been talked about for years. According to the fruit, … Read more

Majority Vivaldi remains divided on pension reform

If the two statements were made 24 hours apart, one has the impression that they respond to each other. The exchange, however indirect, is a wonderful illustration of the tensions that animate the Vivaldi coalition (PS, Vooruit, MR, Open VLD, CD&V, Ecolo and Groen), still groggy by bitter negotiations on pension reform. A broad debate … Read more

The war in Ukraine has divided the G20 finance ministers

Group finance ministers meeting G20 (that is, the world’s top 20 economies) ended Saturday in Indonesia without a joint announcement. The assessment of the Russian aggression against Ukraine divided the forum participants. During talks on the Indonesian island of Bali heads of finance ministries they were looking for an answer to the food and energy … Read more

Tommaso Carollo and Alessandra De Camilli, the couple divided by the tragedy of the Marmolada: “He pushed me to save me before I died”

“He was the one who gave that ‘away, away’ scream. I remember the hand on my shoulder pushing me to protect me ». Thus, in an interview with the Corriere della Sera, Alessandra De Camilli remember the last moments before the tragedy of the Marmolada. His companion, Tommaso Carollo, saved her life. But he is … Read more

Covid, Bassetti against the tide: “Changing rules on isolation, ‘lockdown’ risk”. Experts are divided on the masks

A boom of positives “expected expansion” and rules on isolation “to be changed”. Matteo Bassetti goes against the grain on the subject Covid compared to his colleagues. According to the head of Infectious Diseases of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, in July there is a risk of a new lockdown. “It won’t be a … Read more

The teams of the European Cup are divided into baskets, in the first one there are Israeli midgets

The organizers of the European Cup tournament have announced that they have divided 20 clubs into draw baskets. “Lietkabelis” from Panevėžys is in the fifth basket together with “Turk Telekom” team from Ankara, which means that these teams will not meet each other in the regular season. The first basket in which the Tel Aviv … Read more

Municipal: Tommasi mayor of Verona, the center-left wins in the main cities. The divided center-right does not break through – Politics

Il center-left wins in the ballots in the main capital cities, the divided center-right does not break through. This is the photograph that comes out of the first ballots. Enough to make some members of the Democratic Party risk a real coat. Salvini: ‘Center-right divisions and quarrels must not repeat themselves’“Sorry for the cities lost … Read more

From the Civil War that Divided Korea, to the Engagement of the US-Soviet Union… Pages all

KOMPAS.com – In 72 years ago, on June 25, 1950, a civil war hit Korea, which became a bad momentum for the breakup of a nation. Korean War not only involves North Korea and South Koreabehind which also involve the great powers vying for influence in the world: United States of America and Soviet Union. … Read more

Who doesn’t want the minimum wage? Policy also divided on the EU directive, from “historic agreement” to “package for workers”

What changes for Italy after the European agreement on the directive for a “fair minimum wage”? Despite the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando define it “an assist for the workers“, Little. Because determining what an “adequate” minimum wage should be is first and foremost a choice of policy e the Italian one remains divided, including … Read more

Amazon.com: With a price divided by 20, Amazon stock becomes more accessible to investors

(BFM Bourse) – Valued at nearly 3,000 dollars per share, Amazon will become much more accessible on the stock market this Monday with the division by 20 of its share. The e-commerce giant is following in the footsteps of other tech giants such as Apple and Tesla or more recently Alphabet, which have already proceeded … Read more