DKI Jakarta Contributes 668, This is the Distribution of 1,851 New COVID-19 Cases RI October 4

Jakarta – Indonesia recorded 1,851 new cases of COVID-19, Tuesday (4/10/2022). There are currently 16,594 active cases. DKI Jakarta now accounts for the highest number of cases with a total of 668. Followed by West Java with a total of 321 cases, then East Java with a total of 204 cases. Details of the development … Read more

Apartment Bubble bursts, many rich people in DKI are looking for cash

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The phenomenon of investors who own apartments in Jakarta and surrounding areas are busy selling apartments at a loss. They sell for far below when they bought the apartment a few years ago. “Sometimes selling at a loss, the owner selling at a loss, suburban apartments, Cibubur are many,” said the … Read more

Revoke the Gubernatorial Eviction of Ahok Era, DKI Provincial Government Sends 2 Letters to the Ministry of Home Affairs today

JAKARTA, – The DKI Provincial Government will send two letters to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) regarding the revocation of DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation (Pergub) Number 207 of 2016 concerning Control of Unlicensed Land Use/Control. Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria said the first letter was a request letter to the Ministry of … Read more

Respiratory Tract Infections Are Vulnerable to Occurring During Transitions, Here Are The Causes – During the transition period, weather changes occur erratically and suddenly. This condition can be prone to causing various health problems in a person. “Acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) must be watched out for in the midst of changing seasons that also affect the body’s immunity,” said the Head of the Epidemiology and Immunization … Read more

DKI Records 384 Cases, This is the Distribution of 1,134 New COVID-19 Cases for Indonesia October 3

Jakarta – Indonesia recorded 1,134 new cases of COVID-19, Monday (3/10/2022). There are currently 16,294 active cases. DKI Jakarta now accounts for the highest number of cases with a total of 384. Followed by West Java with a total of 191 cases, then Banten with a total of 136 cases. Details of the development of … Read more

Apartment in DKI to Home in BSD for Sale, What’s a Sign?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Property prices in Jakarta and its surroundings have been a new surprise lately. CNBC Indonesia’s search results show that apartment owners and second-hand houses sell their assets at ‘cheap’ prices. Like these apartments in Jakarta. The location is not just any, even in an elite area. But the owner wants to … Read more

Priyo Budi Leaks Acting Governor of DKI Substitute Anies: Marullah Remains Regional Secretary

Jakarta – The founder of the Pridem Center, Priyo Budi Santoso, admitted that he received a leak regarding the figure of Acting (Pj) Governor of DKI Jakarta replacement Anies Baswedan. He said Marullah Matali would remain in the position of Jakarta Secretary. “Although I have heard rumors that Mr. Marullah Matali might stay at the … Read more

DKI PPP DPC Mukercab Results: Recommend Anies Candidate 2024

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan recommended as a future presidential candidate (candidate) 2024 by the PPP DPC throughout DKI Jakarta. This was conveyed by the Head of Central Jakarta PPP DPC Abdul Hai in reading the results of the I Simultaneous Branch Work Conference (Mukercab) I PPP DPC throughout DKI Jakarta. “As for … Read more

DKI Deploys 5 Thousand People to Manage Garbage Filtering Facilities in Ciliwung River

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The DKI Jakarta Environmental Agency (DLH) has deployed around 5,000 Individual Service Providers (PJLP) at the Water Agency’s Sanitation Implementing Unit for the management of waste filtering facilities in Jakarta. Ciliwung River TB Simatupang segment. “We have enough PJLP workers that we can empower,” said Head of the DKI Environmental Agency Asep … Read more

Checks the Rp 195 billion Garbage Filter Project, Anies Recalls His Early Moment Leading DKI

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan reviewing the Ciliwung River waste filter project in the TB Simatupang segment. This garbage filter is located on the border between Pasar Rebo (East Jakarta) and Jagakarsa (South Jakarta). “This morning I made a working visit to watch closely the construction of the garbage filter,” said Anies … Read more