Pagan Min DLC start, map with all locations and tips for control •

the second DLC for Far Cry 6 is dedicated to another well-known villain from the shooter series: Pagan Min, the opponent of Ajay Ghale from Far Cry 4. Similar to im Vaas-DLC Madness Pagan finds himself in his own psyche, which is modeled after the landscapes of Kyrat, the game world from part four. Trouble … Read more

HUMANKIND – “Cultures of Africa” DLC now available for pre-order

When Amplitude Studios at the time HUMANKIND, the turn-based historical strategy game developed, selecting only ten cultures per era was quite a challenge. Today the developers are pleased to announce the first additions to the original list of 60 cultures with the DLC “Cultures of Africa”. Players experience thousands of years of history of the … Read more

Humankind introduces African cultures in its first DLC

A few months after its Humankind release, the 4K developed by Amplitude Studio unveils its first DLC: Culture of Africa. This bundle that will allow players to create even more storylines will arrive on January 20 on Steam, Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Humankind, of which we offered you the test a few … Read more

Humankind: Africa DLC will be released in a few days

The strategy game Humankind was published in the summer of last year, and now a comprehensive new DLC with an Africa theme follows. The Amplitude Studios have for the turn-based strategy game Humankind announced a large amount of additional content that should appear in a few days. The good piece bears the name “Cultures of … Read more

Far Cry 6 – Second villain DLC “Pagan: Control” gets release date

Ubisoft has closed the release date for the second Villain DLC Far Cry 6 announced. Accordingly, after “Vaas: Wahnsinn”, in which you take on the role of “Vaas Montenegro” Far Cry 3 could immerse, on 11th January the second trick. In “Pagan: Control” you become Pagan Min from Far Cry 4. The second major content … Read more

New DLC for Far Cry 6 with the main antagonist of Far Cry 4 will be released next week

© Ubisoft announced the imminent release of the second major DLC for Far Cry 6. Already 11 january DLC will be released under the title “Pagan: Control”, which will offer to play as the main villain of Far Cry 4. A new expansion for Far Cry 6 will add an extraordinary rogue-light adventure to the … Read more

CD Projekt Red denied rumors about patch 1.5 and DLC

Radek Grabowski, director of global public relations for Red Project CDcategorically denied indiscretion Related to patch 1.5 and DLC content for Cyberpunk 2077 movie, brandishing everything as evil. In fact, the doubts were present, given that it all started with 4Chan, but the fact that it was Paul Tassie of Forbes who realized the leak … Read more

“Fantasy Three Kingdoms” series will be released on January 9th. STEAM “Fantasy Three Kingdoms 5” free DLC will appear in “FANTASIA SANGO 5”

Yujun Aoting announced today (30) that its classic game “Fantasy Three Kingdoms“The whole series of 1 to 4 generations will be launched on the STEAM platform on January 9 next year,”Fantasy Three Kingdoms 5“A new free DLC will also be launched”Fantasy Three Kingdoms 5 Later Days: Lan Su Chapter”, opens a new plot with Lan … Read more

“If a person buys a game, he must immediately get all the content”: ELEX II developers opposed the DLC

Upcoming Sci-Fi RPG ELEX IIwill likely not receive any post-release DLC or major expansions. Instead, developers will focus on supporting their creation with the necessary technical improvements, and then completely turn their attention to the next project. About the future of ELEX II in a conversation with the resource Twinfinite told the representatives of the … Read more